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why can't our dumbshits understand...
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 23:29:35 (UTC)
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...what this man so clearly states....


"To grant specific political privileges to various minorities merely on the basis of their religion or ethnicity in a country so relatively heterogeneous as Iraq would surely be a recipe for a disaster, since it will only cement the differences and lock the groups into a zero-sum game. (This in fact is what was tried in Lebanon, where it was one of the most important reasons for the collapse of the country)."

....It may be that this is exactly what our dumbshits want...more than anything else, certainly more than dead martyrs, is the idea that the assyrians of Iraq will co-exist in peace and prosperity with Muslims, Qurds everybody who is their neighbor and fellow-countryman and woman.

...but the idea of "helping" the Christian minority of Iraq by sending "special help just for them" is indeed a recipe for disaster. Fortunately no one anywhere listens to our assholes...but it is curious that they want what better qualified experts in the field say would be a disaster...hell, it's like preferring Aprim's book to a real one by Dr. Joseph.

Oh, yes, I forgot.


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