Incomplete Submission Time Again

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Posted by pancho ( on January 18, 2002 at 11:06:34:

Itīs that time again. Peter Betbassoo pulled the plug this time. This is how we got kicked out and canīt do much more than hide in forums and pablums and protest our fool heads off...this way of denying what you canīt handle.

Peter leaves his own inane stuff and miraculously Fred Aprim appears from nowehere just at the same time I canīt answer them but they can post whatever they want and make it appear there simply is no answer to such deep and ponderous thoughts...and if they can just do the same to the Arabs or Iraqis or Kurds to do the same... delete them and their presence and power...they just might get handed something...yeah right!!!. This is why their only hope is to accept that Iraq, BetNahrain has to be bombed and its people killed, Assyrians as well, because such low people can ONLY hope to get somethimng if it is handed to them...a WELFARE mind if there ever was one.

Silly stuff...we got just what we deserved and I can promise you this way lies final annihilation...except maybe as a computer game...or a board game where these guys can win back Assyria.

They donīt want to do anything, build anything...they wouldnīt cros the street for "Dear Assyria". Their only hope is to keep it as far from any practical application as their dreams where Assyria exists and the world had just better take notice of them...or as I said...if enough damage is done, and enough Moslem babies killed...just as they lament how many Christian babies were killed 1000 YEARS AGO...then just maybe...someone will allow them back in...can you imagine LEEDERS and scholars and experts thinking like this?

But...the rest of us wont quit and the day will come when they will be as ashamed to say they are Assyrian as some of us have been made to avoid announcing it by this infantile garbage that passes for scholarship and patriotism.

How easy the world was for them as long as they could write whatever Hysteria books they wanted...publish what passes for articles in what pases for Journals...create Academic Societies where the requirement is ONE WHOLE DEGREE and print and re print and re re print articles from 1321 and simple when they can wave a magic button and get rid of what displeases them, and what they donīt understand, canīt read, and can{t answer...just like in the "real world" of their minds they inhabit...that and the Ghetto slum of a King Sargon Block.

How much more dangerous for much more challenging if an Aprim or a BetBasoo or a Nanny Hajjar has to answer to one of US...US not "THE ENEMY"...before ever getting up the courage to go answer anyone much harder to fight your own battles...TO CREATE AND BUILD WHERE YOU NOW FAWN ALL OVER OTHERS TO GO DO YOUR KILLING FOR YOU.

How much harder for our "artists" to compete now that one of us...US not THE ENEMY, has managed to get recognition and pride of place for our Heritage where these other Turkeys can only manage to pay to have what is left of it destroyed and our GRAT LEEDERSHIP can only contrive to have monuments in this country blocked.

You can see what all this hairy chest thumping LOVE of Assyria has been all is nothing more than a place where some rather unremarkable Christians, in a land drowing in them, can attain a little distinction EASILY...and it is the "easy" part of it they really "Love".

I make it hard. I hope some of the rest of you will too.

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