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Posted by David ( on January 19, 2002 at 19:13:39:

You might not believe it! but my wife does and that;s good enough for me becuase Khadija was first who believed in Mohamad and Marry Magdlane in Christ.
I do lots of time travelling ! how? (I like to keep this secret becuase I do not like to be working in Area 51 and be away from Assyrians !!!!!) any way I just came back from Assyria and while I was having my breakfast in Ashurbanipal Hotel I read this in Assyria Times (in predictions section) War lords of Washington (The future Babylon)will provoke massive act of terrorism soon to consulate power for American Tycoons
(may be Rothschild Or rat Childs Familly) expect dramatic death toll . The Congress a forien relations crowd and George Beijing Bush jumps through the new Hitlerian ( a future king in a future country who will have two thing incommon with our kings he will be inventor and he will not like Jews which one day the people will get along and will get marry to each other and Assyrian Rabbi will call them huaband and wife!) hoop . Bush will deliver "cockatiel tears"and attempt to rally the troops and sheeple for war against all islamic(a religeon that fits Assyrians and should have converted to that, after they couldn't understand Ashur or if it was too good for them) oppositions to a new vurld order .
Bush(a future selected president "king") and coucil of foregin crowd will launche full scale assault upon U.S (a future big powerful coutry like our Assyria) constitution and biil of rights (like our great Hummurabi Laws) expect orwelcian "RED REGULATINOS" like imposed in Communist(a future religeon that wiil screw Russian Empire like christianity that will screw our empire)China . Neo-nazi armed

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