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Posted by pancho ( on January 20, 2002 at 12:30:37:

In Reply to: Assyria Times posted by David on January 19, 2002 at 19:13:39:

I will say it again...the United States has been infiltrated. Not by mercenaries or guerillas...but by multi national corporations who have managed to use American based partnerships to buy enough politicians to make significant changes in the laws and customs of this land. This has been happening for some time now. The most subtle but far reaching was the change in rules applying to who could own how many media outlets in any given market.

General Electric can now own Capital Cities, which can own the radio, television AND print mediums in any one market, or several. General Elecric just happens to make lots of unsafe products, leaves environmental degradation in its wake AND builds implements of war. If they need to "sell product"...they have it within their means to stifle free and open reporting, exert editorial control or just plain hire and relegate personnel and resources as they "see fit".

If a "situation" occurs somewhere, their Media arm can determine how the rest of us will perceive it and what we will come to think of as "reality" simply because we hear no other point of view. This can extend to situations where a war could be implemented...though not declared (more playing around with the Constitution) through the good offices of politicians bought and paid for. The pay off for GE comes when the public becomes so frightened by the "news" that it opens the public tax trough for GE and the others to feed at...all the while their Media division convinces us we are being protected and NEED protection.

The young people of the United States will increasingly turn to drugs and stupidity because who can live any sort of a life when the news media are scaring the wits out of us by turns and then telling us to fly somewhere and relax on planes with GE engines? This is creating even more schizophrenia than we suffer from already.

The only solution will be for the citizens of America to learn to appreciate their Constitution...which brought them all this greatness in the first cut the money people out of the election have the public pay for the campaigns and to take back our air waves so it doesnīt cost a small fortune to hear a politician speak.

The Islamic Threat was a totally manufactured one. Until Israel was planted there as an agent of the United States the Moslems had no interest and no hostility and certainly no envy of the American lifestyle or people. After years of the most incredible and horrendous treatment, including the open and intentional starvation of Muslim babies..the people there finally had enough...thank GOD says old Bush and Powell and Cheney and the rest...FINALLY they struck back and gave the US the pretext it needed.

I have some advice for the next Bin Laden or Saddam...although the United States trains you in terrorist tactics and gives you weapons and what really can inflict no physical harm on it...remember this is the same nation that allowed fifty five thousand young men to be killed for nothing more than corporate profits, the same corporations who have no trouble dumping chemicals in the backyards of the "heroes" the nation honors. So...killing some few thousand Americans really doesnīt bother them at all...but it DOES provide the "fear" angle...the pretext they need to dismember the Constitution even more,,,thereby allowing them even more access to oil fields in Alaska and freedom from government regulation etc. And of course it allows the corporations who buy the politicians the opportunity to get as rich as they can stand to by selling us weapons to "protect" us.

If Bin Laden had really been a revolutionary, he would have used his immense wealth to set up a Public Relations Firm in New York staffed with the best and brightest...he also would have bought a few inexpensive newspapers and a radio and television station. With these he would have begun a slow steady information it propaganda if you like, it is all the same...the same stuff the usual suspects give us now.

Now THAT would have put the holy fear of hell into Bush and the rest of them. Programs about the meaning of the Constitution and how it has been chipped away at steadily since the end of the Second World War...stories about Nixon and Whittaker Chambers and The Pumpkin Papers and Herbert Hoover and how he couldnīt find the Mafia because they had him blackmailed and so instead chased innocent American artists and writers concocting all sorts of Byzantine "communist plot" sceanrios...about how Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were innocent but executed anyway...stories about US corporations like Enron BEFORE they go belly up..and the cozy ties between all these rip off schemes and the political parties we have who wash each others dirty laundry and committ crimes far worse in their total devastation than the poor lost souls America increasingly locks up because they have no hope in life left to them except up their noses or in their veins.

Had he used his money this way he would have had far greater impact in the long run and would have been protected yet by what remains of the Constitution. And that would have been far more effective for the only hope is to reach the American public for power still reside ultimately in their hands.

But the CIA knows its man...picks these guys carefully and brings them along to the point they can be cut mock "disgrace" or as "rogues"...then egged on till they do exactly as was planned.

Would that I were a multi millionaire...that is just what I would do...if they didnīt kill me first.

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