My response (which will probably be deleted)

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Posted by Jeff ( on January 20, 2002 at 19:38:00:

In Reply to: Jeff is a liar posted by Jeff (repost of Ghassan) on January 20, 2002 at 19:37:15:

Re: The TRUTH.. the REAL truth..the REAL TRUTH...theREAL TRUTH

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Written by Ghaseff on 21 Jan 2002 02:35:23:
As an answer to: Re: The TRUTH.. the REAL truth written by Ghassan on 21 Jan 2002 02:09:23:

>Aren't you the one that was advertising in the Assyrian Forum for "methods" of posting with different IP addresses for anyone who was interested in "circumventing" my ban on their original IP's?
Don't be too smart for your own shoes. And as another proof of being "too smart" ...blahblahblah"proclaiming innocence" email.
>Interestingly, both Jeef and "his other identity" emailed me at ""!!! What a coincidence!! I thought, Jeef would have known my own direct email address, since he used to email me. I guess you were "in a rush" to respond and forgot the details. So, you went and did a "copy and paste" of my "webmaster" email address from the "" account to your regular account!!
I tried e-mailing you at, but that e-mail was returned to me. Since I stopped talking to you after your lies about Janey Golani and my response to them, I had no other alternative BUT to use the address.
I knew that sooner or later you would drag my parents into this. Ghassan, it doesn't surprise me that a 59 year old man can sit and lie about everyone, myself included, as if there are no moral implications to worry about. Let's see who can teach who manners.
As far as being shapened up, I know that you definitely need a moral, AND a physical workout.
This time, you have gone too far.
>I can see that your parents have done a miserable job in bringing you up, and hence, an outside interference is necessary to teach you manners and to shape you up.

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