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Posted by pancho ( on January 21, 2002 at 18:39:31:

An advice to you: (Written to David Chibo at aina)

Please do not accuse people whom you have never met and dealt with. Do not build images for people whom you only know through the internet. And do not brag about yourself for matching your thoughts with two other individuals because it is damn silly.

You know who is lying? It is the one who is saying that 7 Assyrian children are dying every day!!!

We are NOT united ... that is the fact and we should be honest and courageous enough to admit it.

I hope that brother Ashor will not respond to you because it is not worth it really. You keep disappointing me very much.

Fred (He knows there is no mistaking him for me)

======I met this fellow the first time in Modesto at a state convention or something. We were introduced in the coffee shop by a friend of mine..an aquaintance of his. He grandly offered me a hundred bucks for the Shumirum and I told him to keep it. You´d have to know the guy, though you can form a good enough opinion of him from his posts..."only the facts Ma'am".

I spoke to him on the phone a few times because I give every person his due and a benefit of a whole lot of doubts...I even broke bread with Gassman and lived to wish I`d broken his neck instead. Fred is one of those morose dour people who imagines this confers some sort of "serious" quality, or gravitas to what he utters. People who are a scream themselves never crack a smile. In his case I think it is a matter of a dyspeptic personality...his "Humours", if you will, tend towards the billious.

I saw him at the San Jose convention but he seemed not to notice me. Should I ever see him again I will make a point of accosting him...not with any intention of ungluing him...I just want to see how these brave corsetted guys act when facing you directly.

These..."you had better nots", and...." now I want you to go think about..." is so much twaddle they dish out from the safety of their own cowardice.

Like I said...no Assyrian was ever known anywhere for behaving like this...instead they did what David Chibo and Melody and Stella and Alli and Jeff and Iraqi and Sam D and our other David and Doc and some others do...they confront you politely, with information in place of weapons, for times have changed, but with the same courage it took to stare down a charging horse with a man aiming an arrow at your breast...our women too and especially in the Modern era when our men are a sore disappointment indeed. That´s what Assyrians did, and we do now.

These others are trying to fluff themselves up in the reflected glory of a name they disgrace with every word they utter and every action they would take if only it wasn`t a little scary to do it and gee whiz what will the priest and neighbors say and oh my gosh I might lose my job and jeezus h christ why do I have to do anything and don`t forget Simele, because after that...these guys can get away with murder too...and they are, every day in Iraq...

Aprim will see the truth and validity of the parts he lifts from books, discarding all contrary information or questions and disclaimers in the same book...he will say, "AHA!! THERE is what I was looking for"...and completely misunderstand it anyway so anxious is he to bolster his well deserved self hatred.

And he will call into question sources and data from last week, if it does not jibe with what he claims..that someone somewhere owes him a country, or at the least a whole lot of respect...whether he deserves it or not. Enough of him.

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