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Posted by David Chibo ( on January 22, 2002 at 00:03:17:

In Reply to: of these days.... posted by pancho on January 21, 2002 at 18:39:31:

Akhoonie Fred,

I hope you don't mind continuing our conversation over here where we wont be interrupted.

: An advice to you: (Written to David Chibo at aina)
: Please do not accuse people whom you have never met and dealt with. Do not build images for people whom you only know through the internet. And do not brag about yourself for matching your thoughts with two other individuals because it is damn silly.
: You know who is lying? It is the one who is saying that 7 Assyrian children are dying every day!!!

I suggest that you take it up with UNICEF and the U.N. It's their figures I'm using.
Please let me know what their ammended figures are and I'll update the dead baby count to reflect a more accurate figure.
Meanwhile tell William Warda that he is wrong as well.
Akhoonie William at least had the guts to analyse the figures and admit that 34,000 Assyrian babies have died thanks to the U.N. sanctions.

: We are NOT united ... that is the fact and we should be honest and courageous enough to admit it.

Finally you agree with me.
The "We" you referred to is what we secular Assyrians call the religious Assyrians.
And I do agree with you "We" [religious Assyrians] are not united and never will be.
It's not in our churches interests to be UNITED. It's actually very smart business.
What do you think would happen if all 3 of our major churches were to Unite and merge?
Very simple.
It's called downsizing. Two of the Mars would have to be retired.
And that's why it'll never happen.

Meanwhile Jeff, George, and myself will set an example for you to emulate. We will work together for all our people,
those with a religiously based identity (i.e. YOU) and those with a secular based identity.

: I hope that brother Ashor will not respond to you because it is not worth it really. You keep disappointing me very much.

Fred, why am I dissapoimnting you?
Because I love members of all our boutique religions and all our religions?
Because I have proven that we (secular Assyrians) are united?
Why are you taking this so personally for?

And now for the final questions-
Are there Assyrian muslims?
Is your identity religiously based or secularly based?

Thanks in advance for your reposnse.



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