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Posted by pancho ( on January 26, 2002 at 17:02:12:

In Reply to: Re: Israelis Refuse to Serve posted by Jeff on January 26, 2002 at 16:35:33:

It has been one of the greatest disappointments to me personally, as a Semite, that Jews would ever have used the same tactics on innocent people used against them only a few short years ago by the most brutal of all the Three Sisters, the Christians. It just goes to show...when you practice brutality, everyone loses...the Nazis lost long ago...but the Zionist Jews willing to get a country even if it meant turning it into a killing ground for the United States...are losing as well.

There has been absolutely no diminishing in hatred for Jews...none at all. It lurks beneath the surface ready to flare out again...and when the day comes, and it will, when the US no longer needs to see what a bloodbath ensues then.

It is inconceivable that within four short years after the entire European Continent, with one or two exceptions, tried to exterminate every last living and dead Jew...and the United States, a country where a Jew couldnīt live free and which also stood by while Europe did the dirty deed...that so soon after that of the real and only and mechanized and thought out and well planned along the latest efficiency lines etc, Holocausts ever...that the same people had a sudden change of heart and reversed a 2000 year trend that had only been growing more severe and inhuman, and of a sudden wanted to make amends and make nice and "give" them their dearest wish, their a time when they were about as broken and friendless as they had ever been. No Jew bank or politician or movie mogul or Media giant has EVER and will NEVER have the combined power and resources of the Christian moguls and ghouls. It is a part of the same old fiction and fabrication that gave us Pogroms and the rest of it.

May the Jews be allowed one day to be what they always seemed to want to be...left alone to live in peace. But by provoking the entire Muslim world through the incomprehensible war waged against Palestinian children, and then Iraqi children and next any other children it chooses...the United States and the Christian West have set the Jews up for what could prove to be an even greater bloodbath one day.

I have no reason at all to dislike more than the ones they insist on giving me...AND the Muslims and have given the Jews for the last 2000 years. I donīt think they care much what anyone thinks of them, so self-righteously holier than thou are they. If you donīt like being raped by one, theyīll kill you instead to save your soul...sending it to their own god for salvation while tossing your body in a ditch...even though you never wanted to go there in the first place, ditch or god.

There is a very important disconnection that happens in Christians and others that allows them to rant about love on Sunday and participate and PAY FOR the most inhumane cruelties every other day of the week. If you criticize them for what their religion has done and is doing, for what is done in the name of that religion and at the behest and urging and with the approval of their god...they will tell you that the ones doing that awful deed were not "true" Christians. They will mean that there is a marked difference between them and THEM. But then they will not condemn the others, the bad ones, they will not refuse to speak with them or support them or pay them...because there is always the chance for forgiveness etc.

It is a divine recipe for murder and madness, always within reach of salvation...that as the "false" and misguided Christian kills one Muslim child aftre another, he can pause at any time and "ponder" and have a "pang" and he will be praised for this and commended for seeking guidance from within...if he stops killing altogether his god will be praised, he will be praised, and others will continue the killing so whatīs the harm, where is the loss in killing power? The business goes forward.

And he, well he is held up as an example of how people can repent and must be forgiven. And if he decides to go on pray for his soul and hope he redeems himself and sees the light one day...but you donīt STOP him from killing because thatīs ALSO part of the business.

It is so good to be able to feel proud of Israelis once more, more so since these ones are in the military...but just imagine how bad things must have been that someone from the military would feel compelled to speak out. Maybe these officers finally saw no difference between a dark Israeli child and a dark Palestinian child. Maybe itīs just those devil eyed White people all over again.

Darkies UNITE!!!

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