Re: Israelis Refuse to Serve

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Posted by pancho ( on January 27, 2002 at 12:41:56:

In Reply to: Re: Israelis Refuse to Serve posted by Jeff on January 26, 2002 at 21:53:28:

Sorry, I learned a long time ago to read into anything and everything what my own sense of what rings true tells me...and take the reponsibility for it myself. It is just inconceivable that the same people who could not "pressure" or influence¨their way into a country club the year before Pearl Harbor and could not influence or pressure Roosevelt to bomb the Camps to put an end to the killing factories...could turn right around and force the United States to do what it didn´t want to...a few short years later.

It just sounds better, and plays into everyones anti Jew feelings to say them powerful Jews...helpless in the face of their own extermination and discrimination around the world...pressured anybody. When did a Jew get his way in History, when did one of them or six million of them have the power to harm or influence a Christian?

It is more negative Jew stereotyping and I don´t buy any of it. The Jews have enough to answer for without having these 2000 year old lies added to the charge. There is not, and has never been a single group that has achieved so much, for all of us, under the most unrelenting and inconceivable obstacles and cruelties and for a longer duration than the Jews. I love them for what they have shown us can be done when a people REMAIN TRUE!!! And I only lament that they were forced to go, and now seem intent on going...on a path charted for them by the very people who tried to kill every one of them and who hate their guts still.

I applaud those fifty two soldiers for behaving in the highest and most exemplary tradition of the Jewish Prophets who dared chastise not only Herod and Caesar, but God as well.

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