Jeff vs. Ghassan... who would have thought?

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Posted by Anon ( on October 31, 2001 at 21:28:53:

Re: An ill mannered email from the wife of Atour Golani

Written by Jeff on 01 Nov 2001 04:22:08:

As an answer to: Re: An ill mannered email from the wife of Atour Golani written by Ghassan on 01 Nov 2001 01:02:14:

>If she did not know of your feelings towards me, she would not have asked you personally to forward that email to me. You liked its content just as
you liked Fred P@rhad filthy language, didnít you?

Interesting how you bring Fred into every conversation. Like I said back when you insulted and accused me (on my birthday of last year, to be exact),
if you expect me to back you up every single time someone insults you on this forum, or on the internet, there isn't enough time in one day or one week
to do that. You know that.

>At the time, I wrote a small piece to you informing you of my opinion of "her choice of picking you up to forward her message to me", but then.. I
simply said "but then didn't Jeff back up P@rhad in his insults against me and stopped posting on this Forum to concentrate on creating Parhad's
"Freedom Forum" where he could be close to his role model!

Once again, your obsession for fred is clear.

>I believe you're intelligent enough to realize that my not asking about you when I was lately in Detroit was for the same reasons above. Is this your

Do you HONESTLY think that I care whether or not you "asked about me" when you were in D-town? Be honest.

>I am impressed that you have a high opinion of both P@rhad and Janey Golani. Saying that, I can assure you that Janey Golani is loathed by majority
members of the Chaldean Federation executive board.

Would this be the same "Chaldean Federation" Board that you told me was incompetent and stupid? Is this the same CFA whose members, you told
me, can't even write up a letter, let alone do a more important task like filling out papers for NGO UN status? Is this the same CFA whose members
are all old, power hungry, and who don't even know what the "internet" is?? Remember, everything that I just wrote above about them came from your
mouth. You told me that... all of it.

That should says a lot about "her contribution to the Chaldean people". By the way, the only reason why they don't tell her their real feelings to her face
is their fear of her "manners" or lack of them!

The fact that they would talk behind her back is a testament to the uselessness of the CFA, who have not accomplished much, if anything, in the past 10
years. You told me that also.

>Actually, Janey was once told and publicly by an ex-chairman of the Chaldean Federation that "she's an agent of the Assyrians and that her agenda is
not for Chaldean welfare". Ask her about the name of that chairman and why would he think of her as such!

I think I will. I know that the majority (not all) of the past chairman were nothing more than people who desired to feel important, who wanted
"pictures" with local politicians and such, but who never gived a damn about the Chaldean community.

>Anyway, Janey Golani is no more than a secretary who types her bosses' letters and one should not make much of her "position" within the Chaldean
Federation. She has none.

I beg to differ, but that's another argument for another thread.

>By the way, Jeffy, next time don't forward any email to me, but simply ask "your buddies" to visit "Chaldeans On Line" website and have them "email
the Webmaster", or simply forward to them my email (don't forget to ask for a copy of their letter so you could gloat on its content"!

From now on, I'll do just that. I won't gloat, however... I'll laugh.

>Have a nice day, young man. Your performance is improving by the day!

Thank you. Day by day I realize more and more that you are more of an extremist than Aprim ever was!

You see, at first, you were a 100% Assyrian "anti-Chaldean" extremist, and when I mentioned your name, the Chaldeans warned me up and down
about you (clergy included). Later, you switched roles and became the 100% Chaldean, "anti-Assyrian" extremist... and the Assyrians all decided to
dislike you because of your hate-filled messages. You told me that the CFA was worthless, etc. and now you are saying that the CFA is this great
organization... you switch roles from one extreme to the next, picking a fight with everyone and anyone who doesn't COMPLETELY agree with you
and back you up at every turn (which seems to be a difficult job).

My performance IS improving by the day.


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