Re: Jeff vs. Ghassan... who would have thought?

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Posted by pancho ( on November 01, 2001 at 12:24:02:

In Reply to: Jeff vs. Ghassan... who would have thought? posted by Anon on October 31, 2001 at 21:28:53:

Ay CARRAMBA...este hole de cluo ahora tiene mas holes de culo than adelante.

Was there EVER a worm more despicable than this guy.

Janey Golani is one damn fine woman.,..and she IS the least the part of it that spells and writes and gets things done. She isnīt alone by any means, but without her theyīd be nowhere a lot faster. She canīt pull them all along, but if ever and when they do decide to do something...itīs Janey that gets it done...sees to the details.

Iīll say it up front, when Nimrod had so damamged my ability to find donors and there was a bill pressing at the foundry, she and Atour sent the money without a question asked and with every reason to believe I was the slimeball those idiots were making me out to be. Iīve stayed with them in their home and they visited me...and for all my differences with Atour, I respect them both highly. You see, you can disagree and have differences and even sue people...but you can tell who is working for the Heritage and who is working for himself, even his slimy greasy self.

There isnīt a man jack or woman either who has a shred of respect or any use for Ghassan...a man so blown with himself he has the audacity to claim that the Chaldeans of San Diego told him he had the mark of Jesus on his head when it was my boot print.

The man isnīt worthy to be placed within a mile of Janey Golani and I have the other boot primed to deliver another mark...if only the round assed and arrant coward would ever meet face to face instead of calling in the night to your boss and teacher and friends to spread lies...beware Ghassman or you could find yourself searching for a cheap lawyer...if I say Iīm gonna sue you, you can bet your sweet cheeks Iīll do it...not like your puny threat that you were even then talking to a CANīT talk to a canīt TALK.

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