Janey vs. Ghassan, first and last response

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Posted by Jeff ( on November 01, 2001 at 14:18:19:

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Written by Janey on 01 Nov 2001 17:54:01:

This is the first and last time I will visit this site. You can respond as you wish to whomever you wish but I don't want to see it and frankly I don't care.

First and foremost, you have accused Atour Golani, President of AANF who happens to be the only person I admire (after Jesus Christ) of destroying and splitting the Nation. You have accused me of being a spy or fifth agent or whatever you call it of the Chaldean Federation. You have stated that I am loathed by the executive board of the CFA and they are afraid of my response so they cannot tell me that. You have stated that I am nothing more than a mere secretary who types the chairmans letters and that is all of my position here.
Ghassan, I am not sure where you get your information from. It almost makes me wonder whether there truly is a Chaldean Federation spy who works for you!
If there is, you had better fire him/her because he/she is worthless and supplying you with the wrong information.
First of all, you don't even know Atour or have any comprehension of what he has done for the Assyrians and Chaldeans. You yourself once told me in a phone conversersation that you think he is so intellegent and we need more people like him. (Remember Ghassan, that was the phone call to the Chaldean Federation you had made last year criticizing Sam Yono about the NGO? You had also talked about the incompetence of the CFA board and the members and their lack of intelligence?)
Atour is the only person I know who has never once differentiated between an Assyrian and a Chaldean. He has always considered them the same people and always will. He works for our nation with a pure heart and a patriotic soul. He has no reason for hidden agendas and no time for dillydally. He is in an important position in his personal career and a devoted and dedicated father of 4 who will continue to place his nationalism above everything else and rightly so. The letter you are referring to was not written by him. It was only forwarded to him. He did not contact Saad Marouf nor did he back stab him.
Saad Marouf was contacted by Peter. The letter was sent via e-mail and you can take that to the bank. The letter was then modified and changed by the Chaldean Federation. Peter was calling the Federation every day to see where the letter was because it had to go out. It took almost 6 days for it to get back to Peter who by then sent it without the CFA endorsement. That, Mr. Hanna is a fact in which we only learned of later on.
As far as me being a spy and coming from filth....If you had any decency you would never say such a thing. My father as everyone knows is not filth. He is beyond your comprehension of a decent human being. That is where I come from.
About the Chaldean Federation position....You forget Ghassan that I was a volunteer on the General Assembly for 2 years. I was then asked to come in and redirect the administrative issues of our offices. The current Executive Board which took over in June has three of the same members as last term who were part of the group that hired me. The only new members are the Vice Chair Joseph Shallal and the Chairman Saad Marouf. I don't think that your assumption is clear about them loathing me. I have asked to leave many times for personal reasons and have been asked repeatly to stay by the same executive board who is afraid of my manners? I don't think so. You can testify that fact with your own sister whom I hired and works for the Chaldean Federation in the 7 Mile office. Why don't you ask her what she thinks I have done? I hold a masters degree in marketing Mr. Ghassan so I don't think my position is of secretarial nature. The Secretary in our office who types the Chairmans letter has that title. Which by the way, if it weren't for the millions of competent secretaries out in major organizations and corporate offices the CEO's would look pretty bad. It is a secretary who makes or breaks her boss in the real world. Don't ever forget that. As far as the Ex-Chairman who told me I was a double agent in public...
That was Jacoub Mansour. You remember Jacoub don't you Ghassan? He was the chairman who actually started the unification of the Assyrians and the Chaldeans with the then Assyrian Federation President Sargon Lewie (who happens to be related to him by marriage) and AUA secretary General John Nimrod.
But your source of factual information is dead wrong. He never accused me of being a spy for the Assyrians. I am sure you know that he is only upset because he was not sent a personal invitation to the Assyrian convention by the President of the AANF as was sent to him in the past. But you will understand that right Ghassan? Maybe you don't. Protocol calls for an invitation to be sent to the CFA chairman who is the sole rep of the CFA. He in turn delegates who should attend. The AANF president cannot send personal invites to every Chaldean who would like to attend. That needs to come from the Chair of the CFA. Remember Ghassan, the same chair of the organization that you called every name in the book....?

Last but not least Ghassan, Mr. Saad Marouf, the CFA Chairman as well as most other members of the CFA have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for Atour Golani and vice versa. So unless you were otherwise notified then I suggest that you state your source. If this is not done than I will assume that your information is self-constructed and the destruction comes from within yourself.
In closing, I think I have made myself clear. I leave you with one last thought...
If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything.

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