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Posted by pancho ( on November 02, 2001 at 11:49:51:

In Reply to: GHASSAN posted by Holy Tequila!! on November 01, 2001 at 17:41:10:

: : Hey Ghassman...can I have what´s left of you feed my parakeet.

: Re: Factual information

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: Written by Ghassan on 01 Nov 2001 23:52:49:

: As an answer to: Factual information written by Janey on 01 Nov 2001 17:54:01:

: Janey,

: Your manners have sure improved in this post. However, that will hardly change the fact that your unprovoked low mannered original email to me speaks volumes of a woman who is willing to put, and in writing, so gruesome statements and remarks. Remarks that could hardly have come out from a self-respecting individual, let alone a woman that our culture demands from her to act like a lady (at least in public or in correspondence with other individuals, especially, with men!). To tell you the truth, I truly wonder what you’re capable of saying “verbally” if your written words are so repugnant.

***You pious son of a bitch. This from the man who invited me to lunch only to regale with more motherfuckers than I ever heard in my life. There wasn´t one individual...not ONE, that he didn´t use that term to describe...not even sparing Mar Ibrahim whom he repeatedly referred to as that motherfucker. He´ll tell you that a man known to be as vulgar as I am would say anything...and that´s true, right to your FACE. This weael smiles and fawns at you and all the time he´s fucking mothers left and right.

***I´ve had more occasion to speak privately with Janey, face to face, on the telephone and thru e mail...and she has every reason to be mad as hell at me right now for adding to her husband´s woes...yet she has never been anything but courteous and soft spoken. Ghassman is like the United matter how much garbage he spews and no matter how vile and underhanded he is...he is SHOCKED when he gets a fraction of what he dishes out.

: Your hatred of me could hardly be understood, unless, it's coming from an individual with ulterior motives set by "outside" and non-Chaldean individuals.

***You are not hated by Janey...or me, you aren´t worth that much are scorned, as a dog would be. No one hates the dog barking at his heels...he just kicks him..and all the kicks you´ve received have made you hateful to yourself so you assume we hate you.

Having talked to you no more than twice or thrice in my life could hardly explain the level of ill manners in which you composed your original email to me.

***Once would do it...if it was done at all.

However, it sure explains your attempts for the last year and a half in bad mouthing me at every opportunity my name comes up. Even going to the level of concatenating fictional stories about how an awful person I am, like your highly imaginative story about “my being kicked out of some unknown Assyrian convention after so badly misrepresenting the Chaldeans..etc..etc’. By the way, in my life, I have attended ONE Assyrian convention only, the one in Los Angeles in 1999 (apart of course from those that come out as a figment of your own imagination!).

***You sure are a liar and you sure know how to accuse people of what you sure are sure master.

: Janey, why would an individual like you who hardly is familiar with what I do nor knows me in person work so hard to bad mouth me in front of members of the Chaldean Federation and consistently and for the last year and a half? UNLESS, of course, you’re simply doing the bidding of your anti-Chaldeans “Assyrian only” masters in smearing my reputation within my Chaldean community (I presume you and your dad, Aprim Rayes, both consider yourselves Assyrians, hence, the Chaldean community is simply where you were born into by some misfortune!). Why would you work so hard for that goal, and way before my criticizing the politics of your “public figure” husband? By the way, your husband, Atour Golani, is criticized regularly by his/your “Assyrians only” people, but I am not aware of your writing to those critics any email demonstrating to them your level of manners. Again, I wonder why not, if it’s not for the same reasons of your being Assyrianism agent within the Chaldean Federation out to discredit what I stand for in every possible and dirty way. That’s the real truth, no more and no less, regardless of how hard you try to hide it and regardless of what reasons and excuses you might come up with.

***These are all made up passions and accusations. He does this regularly...he invents a provocation, works it into an attempt to smear his good name or all he stands for...then gets defensive about how everyone is out to get him when no one even thinks about him until those times when he gets the kick he so richly deserves. In those good old days when everyone carried a sword, people were far better mannered. In those days you would simply call this coward out at dawn and stick a sword in his guts. We´ve hardly improved. Back then though there was such a thing as Class, in the sense that everyone belonged in a particular one and no one who was below the rank of Gentle Folk, either woman or Gentleman would respond to someone of Ghassman´s class, which a lowly one by any standard. It would simply be beneath one to recognize him, or to admit that words from such a source could even touch the hell of your boot. Such guttersnipes were safe in a way...they could say what they wanted to any gentleman and that man would hardly take heed. If he persisted however, some one or two from that same low calss could be engaged to horsewhip the improve his manners if possible, if not, then just to make him dance around a bit.

There´s a lot to be said for those old days.

: Again, your ill-mannered email to me got nothing to do with my JUSTIFIED criticism of “hijacking the Chaldeans’ representation” political position taken by Atour Golani, the President of Assyrian Federation (and who happens to be your husband). But it got a lot to do with a dirty anti-Ghassan Hanna Assyrianism agenda that you have taken upon yourself to execute for the last year and a half. That’s the fact, Janey Golani; the proven and unashamed agent of Assyrianism inside the Chaldean Federation.

***You flatter yourself...there is no interest in you whatsoever. You manufacture these incidents and blow them out of all proportion so you can convince people you matter a whole lot...that people sit up nights wondering how to counter your power and influence. You are a pisheeta who fabcies himself a full blown fart.

: One more time, Atour Golani, your husband, whom you seem to be always acting as his mouthpiece (whether inside the CFA or outside it), is a public figure with public positions. He should and must have expected when he took the position of President of the Assyrian American National Federation that he will be criticized for any political position that other other people might disagree with (did you tell him that when you pushed him so hard to accept that position?).

***He makes statements from his own head as if they were true. Hey Ghassman...have you stopped beating your wife yet. Yes or no.

I can assure you, my criticism of his political position (unlike your ill- mannered personal insult to me) will continue, just as much as the criticism that he will receive from other individuals within his/your own Assyrian community. That’s the bitter fact that public figures (including myself)

***Oh go fuck yourself...this is the nub of it associating yourself with Atour in the same sentence you just elevated yourself to a Public Figure. Your figure aint public at all, except the parts that spill over your pants.

must accommodate and live with.

: As to your remark:

: "
: The letter you are referring to was not written by him. It was only forwarded to him. He did not contact Saad Marouf nor did he back stab him.
: Saad Marouf was contacted by Peter. The letter was sent via e-mail and you can take that to the bank. The letter was then modified and changed by the Chaldean Federation. Peter was calling the Federation every day to see where the letter was because it had to go out. It took almost 6 days for it to get back to Peter who by then sent it without the CFA endorsement. That, Mr. Hanna is a fact in which we only learned of later on.
: "

: All what I have to say is YOU'RE A LIAR, JANEY GOLANI, Assyrianism agent within the Chaldean Federation

***You are a worm and that´s an insult to worms.

: Actually, it was you who passed the phone to Saad Marouf so as to talk to your husband, Atour Golani, and discuss the letter.

: One more thing, if you're telling us that the signature of your husband has been added to that letter without his agreement, then I feel sorry for that President of that Assyrian American Federation who has an individual like Peter Jasim BetBasso (of the Chaldean dark age in his Assyrian nation history) make such a fool of him.

: To tell you the truth, your excuse is even worse than the presence of "the signature" of the president of the Assyrian Federation claiming that “Chaldeans are a religious sect and part of the Assyrian nation”.

: By the way, if what you’re saying is the truth, then I believe it’s the duty of Mr. Atour Golani to clarify his real position and not that of his wife. You have nothing to do speaking up for your “public figure” husband nor should your remarks be taken as “facts”. Only Atour Golani, should speak for Atour Golani, the President of the Assyrian Federation, unless, you have specifically been authorized by him to speak for him about his public positions as President of the Assyrian Federation. This is NOT a family subject or business so as you jump in and play the “spokeswoman” for the family!

***All of this letter amounts to an effort to validate his own standing, improve on it, if that´s the right word. He hopes to drag people into involvement with him because he is shut out on all sides. He hopes to be included in the ballgame when everyone wishes he would take his one ball and go home.

: By the way, did you tell Mr. Saad Marouf who “really” is Peter Jasim BeBasso and what he thinks of the Chaldeans? Did you tell him that Peter (the “nice guy” as you claim) actually resigned from the Assyrian Academic Society because of its approval of the Census 2000 Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac designation and considered that “a sell out of the Assyrian nation”? Did you also tell Mr. Marouf that that “nice guy” actually even wrote a poem mocking the Chaldeans and the people behind the Census 2000 designation. Did you also tell him and other members of the CFA that Mr. BeBasso has written a “Brief History of the Assyrians” essay in which he claims that the Chaldean rule of Mesopotamia is “first dark age that befell his Assyrian nation”!! An article that was even referred to in a letter by another Assyrian and which was published by same Time magazine that published the Arab Institute’s “Chaldeans, Syriacs, and Assyrians are Arabs” garbage.

: Is the reason behind badmouthing me in front of other CFA members, so as I would not pass to them the history of “who is who?” among your “Assyrians only” people? Who else among your “Assyrians only” people have you passed to other CFA members as “nice guys”?

***No one needs to bad mouth, your own ugly mouth has done for us all.

: Also, why you have not removed, and untill now and after one year of my request, the link to Fred Aprim’s article in the CFA website? That article “Facts and fiction about Chaldeans” in which Fred Aprim, a well known Assyrian extremist claims that Chaldeans are nothing more than a religious sect that belong to (and owned by) their Assyrian nation. A view shared by his Assyrian co-religionist, Peter Jasim. Why have you not removed that dirty article that insults the Chaldeans from the website of the Chaldean Federation of America? That is despite my repeated demands that you do so to save the face of the CFA so as not to look a fool to the outside world in the sense that it’s promoting on its own website articles that insult its own Chaldean people? Could it be that you too share the same views as those of Peter Jasim and Fred Aprim about the Chaldeans? How could you be really “serving the CFA” by keeping such dirty articles on its website?

: Now, as to your remark:
: “Remember Ghassan, that was the phone call to the Chaldean Federation you had made last year criticizing Sam Yono about the NGO? You had also talked about the incompetence of the CFA board and the members and their lack of intelligence?)
: “

: Janey Golani, my criticism of the Chaldean Federation is no secret that I have to “whisper in your ears only”. I have done that publicly on the pages of this Chaldean Discussion Forum and many times. I have even faxed to the CFA office, a copy of a post in which I criticized the ineffective position of the CFA regarding many important issues that affects the welfare of my Chaldean people. Mr. Sam Yono, was himself, VERY AWARE of my criticism of his handling of his request for my working to get the CFA accepted as an NGO organization within the United Nation body. Unfortunately, he relied heavily on Robert Haisha to execute his request and I guess we all know where Mr. Haisha ended up at. Actually, look at it this way, if Mr. Sam Yono did not have the full respect for my abilities and for what I stand for, he would not have asked me in person to help him to get an NGO seat for the CFA. Would he?

: My criticism of the CFA or Mr. Yono at the time, was meant and was done with good intentions and without malice. It was done so the CFA could really present the brighter side of my Chaldean people, to avoid all mishaps that could be avoided, and not to take weak positions where strong ones are needed. In all my criticisms and to this date, I never have worked against the CFA nor tried to harm its image nor stopped from making myself available to it any time its executive board asked for my help. I believe, you out of all, know that extremely well.

: As to your remark that I have “questioned their intelligence”, then all what I say, Janey Golani, that sure was a cheap shot. May be you could convince yourself that by throwing it, you could gain some sympathy towards yourself and anger towards me. However, I can assure you, no member of the CFA executive board, and in his right mind, would believe or assume that I would make such a low and dirty shot against many of them whom I consider my own personal friends. Criticizing their political position is one thing, insulting them is totally another, and that sure is low and dirty. Something I’ll never do (and even if I assume I’ll do it (and that’s only “assuming”), it sure would not be in front of a person like you whom I was fully aware of her bad mouthing me and for the last year and a half).

: That was a nice try, but as usual, foul and dirty.

: Now, you also said:
: “You can testify that fact with your own sister whom I hired and works for the Chaldean Federation in the 7 Mile office. Why don't you ask her what she thinks I have done? I hold a masters degree in marketing Mr. Ghassan so I don't think my position is of secretarial nature.
: “
: Well, I presume I leave your insult to Mr. Yono’s position as the then Chairman of the CFA, to be answered by him. I believe he is the only person that could give an answer to the question “who hires and fires employees of the CFA, Janey Golani or the President Mr. Sam Yono?”

: You sure are way off in your bossy mentality that you even want to bring it from home and apply it inside the Federation.

: By the way, I was not even aware that my sister had applied for a position within the CFA, let alone being interviewed by Mr. Sam Yono who hired her on the spot till I got a call from a Detroit Chaldean activist, a day or two after it happened. That friend called to tease me that “Sam hired your sister and I guess it’s his message to you to get off his back and stop criticizing the CFA”!

: To say the truth, I was totally surprised by that move, for at the time Mr. Yono hired my sister I was not talking to him (I had an argument with him over the NGO issue and the website of the CFA). That sure was a “Gentleman’s gesture” from Sam. Actually, Sam was even asked “did you know that she was Ghassan’s sister when you hired her?” to which he responded “Yes, I did, but she had the right qualifications and that got nothing to do with my argument with Ghassan!”

: Janey, you’re a SECRETARY that works for the Federation, no more and no less. You could be fired and hired at will be the president of the Federation. Now, you might be the boss at home, but inside the CFA I suggest you DO UNDERSTAND YOUR REAL ROLE AND REAL PLACE.

: Time only will tell how long you’ll be tolerated and allowed to act as Assyrianism agent inside the Chaldean Federation of America.

: Ghassan

***Is this a petulent little fat assed kid or what.

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