Janey Golani and Friends redux

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Posted by Jeff ( on November 07, 2001 at 20:17:29:

Janey Golani and Friends redux

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Written by Jeff Atto on 08 Nov 2001 03:10:58:

Dear Ghassan,
About your theories that Janey is a liar, a cheat, and agent, a secretary, and everything else that you are calling her in your various faxes to Chaldeans in
the Metro-detroit area, I say this:

Is the Janey that you are insulting the woman who worked full time putting on the recent CFA dinner? Is she the one who put on the dinner that got
more compliments from corporations than it EVER has?

Interesting how you said that Atour and John Nimrod were ignored, when in fact the chairman of the CFA praised Atour in front everybody (yes, on
the microphone) as president of the AANF, called him his dear brother and good friend and thanked him for his support.... so who is the liar now?

You say that they were ignored, but if you were actually there instead of being fed fake information (or making it up yourself), you wouldn't be in such
an extreme, precarious position... always.

Also, wasn't it Atour, who you called "back stabbing", among other things, that convinced the VICE PRESIDENT of Ford to be the keynote speaker,
AND convinced Ford to be the MAIN SPONSOR... of the CHALDEAN FEDERATION OF AMERICA dinner... and you call HIM an agent?

YOU ARE THE ONE THAT HURTS our community, you sick extremist. Everything that you said about Janey, Atour, and the CFA dinner was an
outright lie and you know it.


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