Jeff: Lying doesn't help you

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Posted by Jeff - Ghassan's response ( on November 08, 2001 at 21:18:31:

In Reply to: Re: Janey Golani and Friends redux posted by pancho on November 08, 2001 at 12:17:59:

Jeff: Lying doesn't help you

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Written by Ghassan on 08 Nov 2001 21:51:52:

As an answer to: Janey Golani and Friends redux written by Jeff Atto on 08 Nov 2001 03:10:58:

Young Jeff,

The fact Janey puts a great "dinner that got more compliments from corporations than it EVER has?" is hardly an accomplishment to boast about,
unless, you judge people by the quality of food they put in your belly.

Now, may be you weren't talking about the food but rather about the "organization of the party itself". Yes, I have been informed that after Janey's
"exposure" on the Internet she has been "doubling her hours" of work!!

I sure must "charge" the CFA for such "impressive" improvement in Janey's quality of work!!

Yes, Atour Golani was acknowledged. CFA dinner party is sure not a place to "pick fights at".

No where in my original post have I stated or claimed that John Nimrod or Atour Golani "were PERSONALLY ignored" as you're claiming. That's a
LIE. The post is still there and anyone can read it and verify its contents. It talked about "complaints" by John Nimrod HIMSELF (i.e. not my own
making) about "not recognizing or mentioning the word Assyrian" (acknowleding Atour Golani as a President of a group with a title that include that
word was not Mr. Nirmod's concern, but more the "political content"). Anyway, ASK Mr. John Nimrod about "what ticked him off?"

Also, NO where have I ever called Mr. Atour Golani "an agent" (an agent of who? What I've said is his wife, Janey, is HIS agent for the Assyrian
Federation inside the CFA). That's another LIE. So far you have lied TWICE.

If I am assuming that Mr. Golani has "convinced" the President of Ford, then I have to assume that what you're saying is either the CFA has some
problem with the Ford company that it needed Atour Golani to intervene and "convince" its President to be the keynote speaker!!! or that Ford
President was too embarrassed to be the keynote speaker in a party attended by the Michigan State Governor, Senators, Congressmen, and many
other officials!! I can see that Atour Golani REALLY did a lot of "convincing" there.

Even if he did, that hardly will make up for adding his signature to a letter that claimed "Chaldeans are a religious sect that is part of his Assyrian nation".
More, sending that letter without even waiting for Mr. Saad Marouf, the CFA President's response (that was agreed between the two of them over a
phone conversation). May be, Mr. Golani's "convincing" was his way to make up for his back stabbing the CFA?

I can see young kids like you got quite impressed by such games. It sure gave you what you thought was the "needed ammunition to attack Ghassan!"

Finally, you have called me "sick extremist". That's an insult from an ill mannered kid like you.

If you ever use such language with me again, your message will be deleted. If you don't have manners to show (which I doubt it since you so much
loved the filthy language of Parhad) then DON'T post on this Forum.


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