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Posted by pancho from ( on Thursday, April 04, 2002 at 8:46PM :

In Reply to: Pacem en Terris posted by Stella from ? ( on Wednesday, April 03, 2002 at 9:37PM :


With all due respect and I like you a lot...but ever since I was a little kid, religions all gave me the headache. There isn't a damn thing in them that wasn't around long before they popped up, and not a whole lot that's very profound either.

They are mostly packed full of incomprehensible twaddle fit for peasants of 2000 years ago who didn't know enough to get in out of the rain. Their dogma is for dogs...a human has better things to do.

The organized clergy have found a great lifestyle for themselves...something most people would be jailed for...they are freeloaders who have ripe young booty just laying around and anytime they get caught with their cookies in the wrong jar...THEY get to refer to HIM...up there...that Madman of the Two Testicles and he forgives them and the Bishop covers for them so they can get to know more "Lay" people across town.

I have no truck with that sort...if they changed your life, well...did it ever NEED changing!

-- pancho
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