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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 8:33PM :

In Reply to: Kha B'Neesan Festival - Dohuk, Northern Iraq posted by David Chibo from ? ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 2:30AM :

: Hi people,

: I'm currently in Northern Iraq and had the opportunity to attend the Kha B'Neesan festival in Dohuk and Arbil.

: Here are the photos the parade featured over 25,000 Assyrians who clogged the roads and brought Dohuk to a stop.

: It was later followed by a live open air concert featuring;

: Laith Yousif

: Linda George

: Ramisn Sheno

: Marlene Khoshaba

: Shamiram Sawmo

: John Dashto


: Please forward these photos to all on your e-mail list.

: Full report will be published in Zinda this week.

: Pshena,

: David

: Arbil, Northern Iraq

: ===========================================
: P.S. Jeff, Internet access is a litle shaky in Arbil could you please post the above link on every forum. It's important that our people see what is happening in Northern Iraq.
: P.S.S. Pancho sorry about the shots with guns, our testosterone got the better of us. You are right we should know better. Last night some Kurds had a bit of a blue in the foyer of our hotel. After they beat each other to pulp one returned with an AK-47 and fired into the roof and then pointed it in our direction. Very scary.
: One Kurd took a severe beating while another was shot in the stomach.
: Thank Ashur, Rabi Yako was whisked to safety by his Assyrian body guards, but Linda George and Shamiram were very shaken.

Means nothing , they just awakning the Iron Fist or provoking the masters for another Genocide in a different way and different time .
is just like persians saying , this kind of stuffs will not provide any supplys for Fatima's under wear. we should learn to do something constuctive !
Never forget Mr. chibo we have two thousand years to catch up.

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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