Kha B'Neesan Festival - Dohuk, Northern Iraq

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Posted by David Chibo from ? ( on Friday, April 05, 2002 at 2:30AM :

Hi people,

I'm currently in Northern Iraq and had the opportunity to attend the Kha B'Neesan festival in Dohuk and Arbil.

Here are the photos the parade featured over 25,000 Assyrians who clogged the roads and brought Dohuk to a stop.

It was later followed by a live open air concert featuring;

Laith Yousif

Linda George

Ramisn Sheno

Marlene Khoshaba

Shamiram Sawmo

John Dashto

Please forward these photos to all on your e-mail list.

Full report will be published in Zinda this week.



Arbil, Northern Iraq

P.S. Jeff, Internet access is a litle shaky in Arbil could you please post the above link on every forum. It's important that our people see what is happening in Northern Iraq.
P.S.S. Pancho sorry about the shots with guns, our testosterone got the better of us. You are right we should know better. Last night some Kurds had a bit of a blue in the foyer of our hotel. After they beat each other to pulp one returned with an AK-47 and fired into the roof and then pointed it in our direction. Very scary.
One Kurd took a severe beating while another was shot in the stomach.
Thank Ashur, Rabi Yako was whisked to safety by his Assyrian body guards, but Linda George and Shamiram were very shaken.

-- David Chibo
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