permanent truce?

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Posted by Alli from ? ( on Tuesday, April 09, 2002 at 10:05AM :

sure. permanent truce.

if anyone believes you & your insinuations about me, then i'd ask them to refer to Jeff, who knows me as well, if not better. i behave exactly the same toward him that i did toward you. & i email him & speak with him on the phone. however, you've become so impossible that i've stopped emailing you altogether (for the past 2 months; i did not respond to your last email) & that i made open, public requests that you never call me again, within the past 2 months.

what has actually happened is that i joked, at first, in response to your stupid, condescending "toots" & "we could make sauce" comments (which started on AINA). then, i realized how annoying these comments really were, how disrespectful - how you RARELY make comments like this toward the men on the board & MOST OFTEN reserve these types of comments for the women on the board, esp. those women that bother challenge you. so i grew sarcastic in my responses to you, i shoved all those comments in your face hoping to get it out of your system, to push you to an extreme. & then, you twisted my statements around, just like you did with Julia's & other peoples'. only with WOMEN, you like to infuse sexual innuendo in your posts & accusations, hoping to push them out of the picture by smearing their characters in a way that is nearly impossible to redeem, esp. in a "Christian" community, or even, in general, a community that consists mainly of people who follow one of the 3 Abrahamic faiths that perpetuate a cultural notion of a woman's questionable purity. THAT is how you try to hurt Julia & me, & *perhaps* the other women you actually encounter in person.

however, this reflects poorly upon your character, because, since these insinuations [about me] are basically lies, it makes you look like a liar overall. these statements also makes you appear to be an old-fashioned sexist, who can not argue, or even chat/post, with a woman without making comments referring to her sexual nature, which you have not witnessed. & furthermore, by acting in this way, your statements imply that you still buy into these cultural constructs, to some extent, promoted by mainstream followers of the 3 Abrahamic faiths.

but then again, why should i care what anyone thinks about me in this community? i don't care to know anyone that believes your insinuations about me over what i am, myself. i will probably never meet these people in person, & now that you've made these insinuations about me & my *supposed* character - i have less desire to meet anyone who will have wrong impressions about me from the get-go.

as for you: you have it easy - you actually meet these people face-to-face, & you can present yourself to these people as if you were a kindly old man with only good intentions all the time.

this is why i repeatedly made the statement that i will never attend any sort of event at your ranch in Mexico. i still stand by that decision, even though i have, in the past, taken back these statements because i am interested in meeting the various interesting & intelligent people who post on this board (of both sexes), even though i am not interested in meeting you. however, now i more decidedly feel that encounters with these people are something that i will leave to chance or to more open Assyrian meetings in the future.

-- Alli
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