Invisible Enemy: Israel, Politics, Media and

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Posted by Turkish Delight from ( on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 6:04PM :

Invisible Enemy: Israel, Politics, Media and American Culture

By Edward Abboud, Vox Publishing Co., UC-Reston, VA, 2001, 284 pp. (paper). List: $29.95 1.800.368.5788

Reviewed by Andrew I. Killgore

Edward Abboud’s powerful new book, Invisible Enemy, explains how Israel, in a new kind of war, extracts $5 billion to $12 billion a year from the United States. Chapters two and three on conspiracy and propaganda are scholarly/theoretical, and will be heavy reading for many people.

Thereafter Abboud, a student of advertising and propaganda techniques, really gets rolling in chapters on the mass media, television and cinema, American society, the U.S. government and religious wars/ancient hatreds.

Abboud’s “old” warfare in Invisible is the classic conquest of one nation by another to gain control of the conquered nation’s resources. The new Israel/Zionist war is a propaganda war, conducted by a foreign nation and its all-too-willing co-conspirators in the United States for the same purpose: to control, by well-focused and broad-based propaganda, billions in American taxpayers’ money annually transferred to Israel.

Abboud convincingly portrays Israel as a conspiratorial and invisible enemy of the United States. Take the example of the 60 or more misleadingly named pro-Israel political action committees. What ordinary American would ever suspect their true purpose: to elect congressmen and senators ready to give Israel what it wants, and to defeat those who won’t do so. Such sneaky Israel/Zionist creations as Delaware Valley PAC, Florida Congressional Caucus or San Franciscans for Good Government can and have ganged up, in secret and in violation of electoral campaign finance laws, to play tricks on the American people by electing politicians they like and defeating those they don’t.

The depressing, and disturbing, thesis of Invisible, supported by mountains of evidence, is that Israel/Zionism targets virtually every American institution and individual on behalf of the national state of Israel. Only Israel/Judaism are bathed in a rosy media light.

Actor Marlon Brando made this point in the most basic Anglo-Saxon terms and without regard for political correctness. Interviewed by CNN’s Larry King in April 1996, Brando said Hollywood was run and owned by Jews. It had brought us “the n----- [African American], and the [Italian] Greaseball; we’ve seen the Chink, the slit-eyed Jap, we have seen the wily Filipina, we’ve seen everything—but we never saw the Kike.”

Edward Abboud documents that, since the late 1940s (when Israel was established), Zionism has tried to establish a link between a collective worldwide guilt for the Holocaust and support for Israel. Several years ago Professor Jack Shaheen documented the traditional Hollywood hatefulness of dumping on Arabs. Abboud illustrates Israel’s/Zionism’s relentless media campaign of making “symbolic transfers” between Nazis/Arabs and all other ethnic and religious groups.

The Catholic Church is a favorite target. Abboud quotes William E. Simon, a former secretary of the treasury, as describing “how the national news media delight in portraying the Catholic Church as an intolerant and anachronistic institution, out of touch with the times.”

Arabs and Islam are fair game in Hollywood and on television. Invisible lists 43 films since 1967 that glorify heroic Israeli leaders and vilifiy Arabs.

Abboud documents the extraordinary numbers of Jewish officials in the Bill Clinton administration. The phenomenon was so outlandish, given that Jews are only 2 percent of the total American population, that some Washington observers referred to Clinton’s as “the first all-Zionist administration.” The mainline media rarely, if ever, mentioned that ethnic imbalance.

Another example of an ethnically imbalanced institution Abboud cites is National Public Radio. At NPR, he said, “More Jews present more news about more Jews more often than any other radio or television station outside of Israel.”

He describes the photos in the lobby of the NPR headquarters in Washington listing editors and producers of various programs. The photos of the janitorial staff are there, too. The purpose? To try to conceal the heavy ethnic imbalance.

The very great value of Invisible Enemy is that in one volume, and with hundreds of convincing examples, Abboud shines a clear light on a conspiratorial Israel and its Fifth Column in the United States. He describes the enormous effort in the media to portray Israel as an ally of the U.S. Part of that effort in movie, newspaper, magazine, book or lecture is a favorable presentation of Jews, always presented as American Jews—not Jewish-Americans as other minorities are generally described.

Underlying Edward Abboud’s Invisible Enemy is his recognition that Israel is a nation state. It represents the triumph of Jewish nationalism—the notion, sad as it is, that Jewish interests are separate from the interests of the many peoples around the world among whom they live.

Israel has to pretend, however—and its Jewish nationalist supporters in the U.S. have to pretend—that American and Israeli interests are the same—an obvious lie. The overwhelming evidence is to the contrary. Take just two examples. Imprisoned Jewish American Jonathan Jay Pollard spied for Israel and really hurt this country. But the Jewish weeklies—and the mainstream media, to the extent that the subject is mentioned—claim that Pollard only spied for an “ally” and only stole material that the U.S. should have freely given Israel to help it defend itself against the Arabs. The facts are that Pollard did billions of dollars worth of damage to this country, that some of the stolen material could only have been of interest to the Soviets, and that Pollard’s thefts probably got some of our “assets” in Russia executed.

A second, and really shameful, example is the deliberate Israeli attack on June 8, 1967 on the USS Liberty, a U.S. naval intelligence ship, in which 34 Americans were killed and 171 wounded. Israel’s lying “tragic accident” claim has been overwhelmingly sustained by an Israel/Zionist American media. If the attack really had been an accident, a thorough investigation of the USS Liberty tragedy would clear Israel’s name. The fact that Israel/Zionism has successfully fought off every attempt at a real investigation proves Israel’s guilt and the guilt of Jewish nationalists in the United States.

ýsrael and its Jewish nationalist supporters thus have to resort to a sadly tacky conspiracy to mislead the vast majority of Americans who are not Jewish. This 98 percent has to endure a conniving cult of secrecy where they are caricatured, mimicked, denigrated or accused (self-hating for Jewish critics of Israel, anti-Semitic for non-Jews)—all in favor of a foreign state whose basic actions and values collide with America’s best interests.

I hope many Americans will buy and read this powerful—and shocking—book.

-- Turkish Delight
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