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Posted by pancho in Dallas from ? ( on Saturday, April 13, 2002 at 3:43PM :

In Reply to: Invisible Enemy: Israel, Politics, Media and posted by Turkish Delight from ( on Friday, April 12, 2002 at 6:04PM :

I know no one sends a directive from some central office...but since when did banks and cafes and retaurants and waiting rooms have TV on all the "news" no less?

In 1984 Orwell said we would one day never be free from a constant refrain very similar to what we're getting now...that our enemies are evrywhere...that they are evil, nothing like us...that we must be constantly vigilant and all pull together and think as one. And there would be surveilance cameras in public...of businesses frist then our homes...WELL?? If you are innocent what are you afraid of???

The Palestinians played into, indeed had no choice, what the West wanted them to do all along. They were available...easily manipulated, portrayed any way necessary, to convince the world THEY posed a threat to one of the world's most well equipped and violent nations on in which only a few short weeks ago military personel said they would no longer serve.

Israel has never wanted peace in the Mideast...its problem was to look the part for public consumption, while goading and inflaming the Palestinians into increasing acts of desperation to jusitfy the Israelis in doing just what they are just took the Palestinians a long time to become deperate enough to strap explosives on their backs. What a windfall...and those who get blown up...well they are MARTYRS to the cause, the cause of getting a Beirut one day...they waited 2000 years, what's another 500.

And America? We too will have victims...though we would never be so gauche as to call them martyrs...we had 55,000 in Vietnam, all for nothing...we had a mere handful just a while ago...and there will be more.

Follow the money...always follow the money.

-- pancho in Dallas
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