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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 1:17PM :

In Reply to: Re: Re : I have an idea posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 8:39AM :

: NEVER! As long as there is dirt, we need soap for the Opera. What you need to understand is that these aren't people so much, as they are prototypes..."characters" we've spawned about as often as an ethnicity this old gets hemmorhoids.

: I tell them all, this is not's business. What the next batch of Leeders have to understand is that our time honored timidity is no longer going to protect them. I'm going to rip the bandages off these Wounds of Assyria so the pus will show...and as in all infections, dry up.

: My advice to all those with weak stomachs is...throw up somewhere else.

I hope you will not take me wrong , I still have lots of respect for your and your art , you are one of a kind but I travell a lot and visit my relative all over united state and abroad so every on and of I either meet those people in relatives homes or the relatives talk about them for instant while they were campaining for Nimrod I told them the story about filling his pool through next door nieghber's water which you wrote it in this forum , they told me this is all none scence and fred its an accuser and looser .... so since I don't know you persnoly frankly I was speachless and to be honest in 1997 Assyrians ..... trip to Iran i spent sometimes with him and I liked the way he handled the situation and had a good conversation with Iranian president plus we had a pleasant trip to Oormieh he was fun .
but the truth about people its more important than any thing else ,( at least for me)if you have your proof that the man its A fake put them on the table or shut up for ever. so help you Ashur

-- Gandhi
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