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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 2:37PM :

In Reply to: Re: Re : I have an idea posted by Gandhi from ( on Monday, April 15, 2002 at 1:17PM :

Good point. I like the guy too...he can be very charming, how the hell you think you get elected to office. But I've seen the man up close and personal, in ways you, your relatives, and certainly the president of Iran never will.

The only proof I need is that the city of Chicago accepted the Shumirum six years ago...that John fought it and his sister all the way...that I have be posted here, that my lawyer has for now, from him to the Arts Council and to me, and they to all of us. He threatened to involve them in a lawsuit if they installed the monument because of a suit he just had to bring against me...has never brought such a suit and still wont allow the city to place it anywhere but in his well as his inflated and contradictory quotes as to its price.

One more thing, and don't get me wrong, I could give a good goddamn for your or anyone else's respect. If you think I did all of this for either money OR anyone's respect, you're wrong. I did it for people not yet born, because the ones we have now might as well remain nameless, so devoid are they of simple basic humanity or courage.

I don't take orders from anyone, and I wont give you any. You are as welcome here as can be, even when I don't agree with you. I will speak about what I wish to, as we allow you to do, without anyone demanding to know who you really are. I respect the fact that you more than likely have a beefy relative poised with a rolling pin ready to come down on your skull should you involve your family name here. We all have our crosses to bear, I have a few, you have yours.

John Nimrod is a Putz NOT because he doesn't have friends, or can't impress another politician or doesn't know how to court people's good opinion, especially those who aren't too particular...but he is exactly as I have painted him should you or anyone else ever care to engage him on the levels I have...till then, enjoy having tea with him and your relatives...he is good at that...better than I am.

-- pancho
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