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Posted by julia from ( on Wednesday, April 17, 2002 at 2:22AM :

In Reply to: Re: An Apology To Jackie posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 2:21PM :

: I have great respect for Alli, and affection too. A life spent with bugs, on a college campus, with a Filosofer...isn't healthy for anyone. Alli had the guts to post under her own name, and you've seen what a shellacking she's taken, as has Julia. These are fine, strong and gutsy women who are squaring off against a man 120 years older than they are, and a rat bastard of a guy when crossed too...someone many a Hero of ours runs screaming to get away from.
>> I don't know fred...the way I see it, I don't think of myself "squaring it" against some old guy. I am simply drawn to your personality. It's not even that I have a crush on you or anything like doesn't arise from my femininity, christianity, 20-yearoldnaivete, but just this draw of one person to another. I don't agree with like most of what you say, and i'm not here to 'fight the fire' or to 'rise up to the challenge.' I'm not here to increase my Assyrian stamina or to run the Semitic decathalon. I'm here to talk and make fun and chill with you and everyone else so long as you let me. Maybe that makes me a worse person because i'm not here primarily for the fight to promote Assyria...or it makes me better. But above all, i see you as another human being who is quite interesting and challenging and thick skulled and just as naive as I am.
Julia Sorisho/lorelei/Shami Isaac --> yep, once i emailed u with that pseudonym/corpuskristi/lavinia01....

P.S. What's wrong with cute names?? Parhad aka pancho aka Cheetah aka Junglest aka however many other names u went by

-- julia
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