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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 2:21PM :

In Reply to: Re: An Apology To Jackie posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 1:26PM :

I have great respect for Alli, and affection too. A life spent with bugs, on a college campus, with a Filosofer...isn't healthy for anyone. Alli had the guts to post under her own name, and you've seen what a shellacking she's taken, as has Julia. These are fine, strong and gutsy women who are squaring off against a man 120 years older than they are, and a rat bastard of a guy when crossed too...someone many a Hero of ours runs screaming to get away from.

They have not run, although they have flinched several times...and they use NO CUTE NAMES! There is NO WAY on earth I could have taken the kind of beating I dished out to them at their age...not with as much grace and humor, that's for sure.

The two of them, and others it's been my pleasure to meet in this thingie business, deserve every damn thing I and others from my age group can do to smooth their way by removing these unecessary and really harmful toadstools that litter our the same time, whether they like it or not I am going to ride them as rough as I can cause I know if they can't quite match me word for word and gut for intestine now...they will blow me and my kind out of the water some day when you or I wont be around to see it and bask in the beauty of it.

Jackie is a nothing...a dime a dozen wannabe, only a gold plated one, that's all...and it is that gold plating that has so "dazzled" everyone, that's the sad part.

Afraid of Jackie...what's a Jackie?

-- pancho
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