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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 1:26PM :

In Reply to: An Apology To Jackie posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 16, 2002 at 8:54AM :

: Jackster....I didn't mean to imply you were "that" kind of lady. You are an entirely different kind...a truly despicable one, whereas all prostitutes deserve far more sympathy than you do. No whore would have reached out to snatch food from my children because she couldn't get laid. In fact...I could get help from that quarter by telling any one of them of what you did.

: They don't have the same problem getting laid you apparently do. They were fucked from an early've been fucking people over. A difference in kind, not just in degree. A helpful hint to you might be that men require more than just that flaccid and squeagy thing between their legs to do the deed.

: Its a complete set, if you know what I mean. Take away a man's balls, and what are you left with? Right...Assrin heroes with dicks as useless as their heads are and just as prone to go limp no matter what the provocation. See, it isn't just figuratively speaking that we say a man needs "balls". He also needs them physiologically cause something has to tell the shmuck..."wife wants it", if he can't understand, "YOU want it". Without a surge of juice from down there to his head, he couldn't figure that out either.

: What you are suffering from, you brought on yourself...just as in this legal business and on this board, you are getting just what you deserve. On the one hand, the famous hands again, you want those balls as trophies, "loving cups" to your inability to love. Once you have them up on the wall in the Den, you get fidgety and squirmy and, you know, all over. Then you cast about you and find a man who still has his...and they are getting harder and harder to find. Now most men lose theirs to you through the slightest jingle in their egos, they drop right out their pants legs and roll over to surely as if you called out, "here boys".

: So, you saw me, and you thought..."Hmm, I wonder what it would take to get HIS!!!" The fact that my wife is so far beyond you, though even there you had the nerve to slander HER to my face...a "test" no doubt of your "powers"...made me even more attractive, in that way. Obviously, these are prime grade triple "A" balls from Ol Nineveh, and you just had to add them.

: It didn't work, and you are left with Hot Flashes, which is all the sex you're ever gonna get.

: But back to my apology...I did not mean to imply you are, were, or ever have been the sort of woman Margo St James had in mind when she set up Coyote. If you were really a man, instead of a man in drag, you would be a tremendous abuser of women. And almost all whores started out as innocent young children first taught to get whatever love or acceptance or just to avoid the pain and rejection by taking a dick in their mouths and then graduating to it as a profession.

: Ashur bless that most womanly judge in Oakland who said she would no longer prosecute prostitutes unless the Police also brought in and arrested and charged the men buying what the women were forced to sell them.

: Every time I see a hooker on the street, I think of the child who couldn't escape abuse, who finally embraced it as the best and about the only way she was ever going to get anything in life. You don't belong in their company...they deserve our compassion, not our scorn...whereas you deserve spit for the use you've put your talents to.

: No one COMPELLED you to act the Bitch's something in your nature, and your own disappointment at being unloved as a girl...not having your own balls, that set you off on a life long quest for the things you think will make you valuable in the eyes of people long since gone.

: My apologies for that. But send the check anyway...if you want this to stop.

hey pancho you are playing with a viper watch out and have some respect for her after all she is a married woman , Don't treat her like Alli or the other single adventurer girls !

-- Gandhi
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