distinguishing between what is fair & what is

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Posted by Mr. E from ? ( on Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 12:36PM :

In Reply to: Good Propaganda posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, April 21, 2002 at 9:27AM :

: Would that we understood the power of images and impressions instead of getting a wooden head like Aprim to repeat "facts". What do the facts of the Palestinian situation matter anywhere?

xxx actually, i think the rest of the world thinks that the facts are very important. we in the US are taught that they aren't, or that only certain facts are more important than other facts.

:Isn't it all perception?
xxx clarify this question, please. my argument is that "fact" & "image" are very complimentary to each other. one should not discount either.

:What do any facts in a case matter? This isn't a court of Law...it's Life...where emotions and feelings and images all run rampant and run together blurring every line you can think of.

xxx exactly, but "facts" matter when it comes to presenting one's case (in a conflict btwn 2 parties) to a disinterested 3rd party. Americans are hit with emotion regarding the Nazi concentration camps b/c they were the "saviours," the "liberators" in that case. Americans don't care to remember their own Japanese concentration camps, because they are not fond of remembering this. if one is made a hero, worshipped & glorified, then one is more likely to [want to] remember the incident. if one is humiliated, one attempts to forget the incident... there is emotion in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, made real for the "hero" Americans [esp. those who remember WWII because they had family fighting in it], & it is being tapped into. but if some horrible thing were to happen in another Mid Eastern country, if it doesn't affect Israel, it almost doesn't matter. another example: things like this happen in Africa - are the Americans, or the majority of the US population, asked to care? why should they care? there is no vested interest, no blood loss on their side to remember. the only way to get them involved is to present "facts" on human rights issues. perhaps this is why Aprim wants to know "facts?" because "facts" are a good way to get the disinterested involved or aware? i'm not defending Aprim, just other people i know (including myself) who like to arm themselves with "facts."

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