At least their "global earthling...

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Posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 11:57PM :

... congress" does something! The world Jewish congress makes national news. You think our "global federation alliances" and "wurld leeder confrinces" attract any news, or ever will? Of course not.

Fred, I disagree with you on one random point. You keep saying that Israel is being "duped" by the US and that as soon as the US loses interest in the region, that Israel will be eaten by their neighbors. To that, I say that you don't realize that the Israelis have a more advanced army than the US, have nuclear weapons, AND make more money off of arms sales than the US weapons manufacturers do. They sell weapons to more countries and more parties in conflict than you would believe. Oh, and of course they are always in the public eye in this country and recent polls show that the average "Joe" american wants our government to support Israel... and will continue to do so as long as they are good at playing the public relations game... and you know they will always be good at that.

World Jewish Congress Meets
Mon Apr 22,10:54 PM ET

BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - Leaders of the World Jewish Congress opened an emergency meeting Monday to assess a troubling trend of anti-Semitic attacks across Europe, including a weekend attack on a synagogue south of the Belgian capital.

AP Photo
The congress hopes to wrap up the special session Tuesday with a call to European political leaders for improved protection and stronger support for Jewish communities, officials said. Representatives from two dozen nations gathered for the meeting.

Synagogues, Jewish schools and cemeteries have been targeted in a wave of anti-Semitic attacks in France, Belgium and other European nations in recent weeks, coinciding with Israel's major offensive in Palestinians cities in the West Bank.

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