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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 10:02AM :

In Reply to: At least their "global earthling... posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, April 22, 2002 at 11:57PM :

It takes two billion a year just to maintain Israeli defenses...not to mention all the rest of their budget. Jews are hated enough around the world that without the US to back them, many many countries would screw them every chance they got. What can the Israelis possibly offer the world...prophets and oranges?

The country is a tiny strip of sand you can just about see the borders of, if you stand on Atour Golani's shoulders. They want to attract every Jew from around the world they can and have nowhere to expand to unless the Palestinians have enough gumption to fight back and lose.

No one in one in Germany or France or Italy loves the Jews any more than they did 1000 or sixty years ago. If anything this new business is fanning those old flames. But what the hell are the Jews supposed to do?

Not a one of them wanted to leave Europe for Palestine in the 30's and fifty's...not a one of them wanted to lose their homes and property and then their families...tromping in refugee boats and trains from the centers of a glittering Europe to Haifa. And once the economy worsens in Argentina the Jews there, knowing what will follow, are leaving in droves for Israel...and one day soon another Jean Marie le Pen will convince a Europe forced into the EU that the afront to each country's identity and the resulting economic depressions and inflations were instigated by international Jewish bankers and we'll go down THAT dismal road again.

This tragedy on all sides...this further rending and murdering of the Jews and mow the Muslims, who were ever their friends before, is being brought to you by the Christian Church...that's why I hope the Palestinian fighters get out alive and the Israelis blow up the Church of the Nativity...the birthplace of that one single Jew whose death at the hands of the Romans, the Romans who became the Church (go figure)...led to 2000 years of persecution that brought us all to this pass. We are continuing the cycle of murder and mayhem...ALL of us have become murderers by proxy if nothing else...and all because of this religion of "Peace" from hell..

How the Jews would love to do it too...and I can't blame them.

The United States is using pays it, supports it and goads it on. The ultimate irony is that everyone's anti--Jewish rhetoric convinces them that the JEWS are doing this and the JEWS are doing that...when the JEWS got their asses kicked into Palestine by a world that nearly murdered every last one of them...they have power??? Are you kidding me!!!!

They are smart and clever and good at survival...that's all. And we could learn a lot from them too.

-- pancho
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