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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 5:33PM :

In Reply to: Re: A Passle of Priests posted by EYYA from ANT003.LTU.EDU ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 2:15PM :

: GOD i cant stop my self know lool
: there is a book called (the lost books of anki) these tablets where recently translated. its a whole book a translation
: of the flood how it happened. and how
: sarenbad i think thats his name i dont have the book on me know. goes up the mounten for
: 40 days and meets el
: and writes down everything that el sais
: know what a cowensedence
: loool
: could it be that moses ??? did that
: AGAINNN???? or was it that this moses
: or who ever took that story of the flood
: and creation from us??
: why moses was there for 40 days
: its all in the tablets. 1000's of years
: before the jews
: at the times these tablets where made and recognized in sumer the jews where slaves
: they didnt even know how to write.
: so how did they take everything and how did they twisted it and why???,
: i will tell u
: nabunahet king of babilon
: after the fall of assyria
: fell in love with the persians
: the persians had a soft side for the jews
: because they both where against
: the bilieve of 3 dieties in one.
: at that time religios priest where very powerful they even had the power to remove
: the king. know... nabunahet refused to
: celebrate the akito. he refused to
: go down to the temple of mardokh and pay his
: respect. this conflict between nabunaheet
: and the priest caused a great civil war.
: at this time there was too many slaves
: jew slaves in babylon.. the priests distroyed the kingdon and the kingdon distroyed the temples and babylon
: was ruined. in this mess.. the jews where freed. they stole everthing and ran out of babylon to cannan and stayed there because
: the land didnt belong to babylon or assyria
: i thing the persians where in charge.
: so they too everything and ran out of babylon
: and cursed babylon. they called it
: the land of sin and made people bilieve
: that god distroyed it. and that
: it was filthy and sinful .. and the created the fear.. fear of God. they told people
: that if they didnt bileive the same thing will happen to them.. they made the world bilieve that babylon was cursed and
: they where the chosen people..
: but not anymore
: because the tablets will tell the truth
: and there is know over 2500 sumarian tablets
: that have not even been translated yet.
: and only the translated once are enough to put every jew book to shame... i'msorry i dont have anything against jews.. but the truth must be out.. we have to know who we are.


Zecharia Sitchin is refering to that as "the lost books of Enki" and as far as he is concern Sumerians are forefathers of the jews and the jews are the leagal inheritance of all that knowledge so as far as him and other jews are concern you (if you are Assyrian)and I and other Assyrians can go and fuck ourselves(like we are doing it in churches , associations and conventions .
Ask the man who I call gentle Giant even though he is a hole , how was fucked in Assyrian convention with all the knowledge and guts that he has)

-- Gandhi
-- signature .

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