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Posted by EYYA from ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 11:02PM :

In Reply to: Re: A Passle of Priests posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, April 23, 2002 at 5:33PM :

what is wrong with u guys why are u all so aggressive and pissed i mean everytime i carry on a conversation i get very aggresive answers. look i'm an assyrian and i will not self likeyou are doing. i got better things in mind. not all asyrians are doomed like u all think. for christ sake have some hope.. jesus you depress me.
look zachareya has
his own openion. its only his openion that
the jews are the legal inherets. and how could they be if they where our slaves??>.
besides i read the tablets not in zacharey
but so many other archialogests and
translaters. each has his own opention
but the tablets. the righting remain
the answer to who we are. and who the jews are.
the tablets say everything.
and zachareya bilieves that the intire world knowledge is inharated from sumer not only
the jews .. he is just justifying them
because he is one of them/
any how .. relax .. take a deep breath
we are not dead. maby we are in still
motion right know and we have no power
but if we stay pissed we will not get anywhere.. just keep working for you
dont go fu.. your self...
fu.. your enemy and show them who u are
that feels better u know....

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