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Posted by Julia from ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 4:29PM :

In Reply to: Re: WELL??? posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 10:35AM :

Yeah man, no one denies that Nimrod and crew have done some bad things to you and the community. No one denies that. But you know what speaks louder than your references to genitalia? the fact that you have links to each person's emails, hardcopies of legal papers online, that's the stuff that carries your point more than your nasty words to people you loathe. We KNOW that people wronged you, again, we KNOW it. But it still does not get nowhere when you have to lambast or ridicule people and call that some kind of fight for a greater principle of good. Making fun of people reflects very little on you being wronged; it only makes you look bad. You take away attention from the problem by bringing attention to you and your language. it's like, hey don't think about John Nimrod and what he has and hasn't done in the community, look at what a cocksucker he is, look at what a (insert pun) (insert misspellings) (insert defamatory language) and then you just lure people into these dumb ass tirades that takes people FURTHER AND FURTHER away from the LOCUS of the issue. then you end up needing translators to sift through your junk just to get to the heart of the issue. I just wish you considered the issue so importnat that you would sacrifice your derogatory words so that if your words did anything, it brought issue to light and not made fun of someone's genitalia or lack thereof.

: : Frankly Pancho I am confused , what hell are you talking about ?

: +++If after all I have written you don't know what I am talking about...what can I do for you?

: : All I asked is Don't write stupid things about an Assyrian maried woman ,

: +++And I am telling you they are things that happened, and an Armenian woman who would do these stupid things can't very well expect me to remain silent about it while she goes on doing more and more stupid things because she feels "safe" and protected by YOUR sense of delicacy. If someone had slapped Nimrod down when he stole the Ashurbanipal Library away from the starry eyed and dedicated young men and women who started it...then the Shumirum might have been installed six years ago and been working for us all this time, instead of us still working to make a human out of that rat of a enjoying tea with him is not the stuff of cultural enhancement for the rest of us. If someone had slapped the Federation they might not have removed a young Assyrian's painting because he used the "wrong" color...or their own Security Chief wouldn't have made a spectacle of us all in the lobby of a major Hotel only to later say, "you didn't think I meant it, did you". Not until someone starts teaching these thugs and hoods and sluts some personal accountability and the stupid consequences that can flow from stupid deeds...and make it hurt, will they possibly get the point...something common decency and fair play never taught them.

: if she has caused you problems you have already settled it legally, why are you trying to loose your maners or if a person is bad why are you trying to go down to his or her level .

: ++++People who stab your children in the back always say that if you fight back...they say, "ha ha you are stooping to my level". Damn right...only I'm better at it than she I can stoop a lot lower than Nimrod and the rest of them put together. Soldiers committ rape and murder for their countries and are heroes, they come home and love their wives and children, though they've just killed the wives and children of other plain, common working stiffs like themselves who never did them any harm.

: I am a soldier, a warrior, but I don't kill. I take the weapons others would use to harm me and turn them back into their own entrails...only I do it better. Like Judo teaches, I use a person's own stupid, vulgar and low forward momentum against them...use the force they thought to topple me with to push them over instead, sidestepping at the last moment and sending them flying with what they thought to cripple me with.

: You could applaud my skills as a warrior and express your sympathy with my having to leave my family and go to "war"...instead of lamenting the "harm" done to your own pacifist tendencies...I don't WANT to do battle...I want to create Art for us all...for our the farmer would prefer to stay home and tend his crops and feed his family. But...I will not walk away from a fight...not against a Turk, not against a neo-Nazi like Ross, and certainly not against the Qusilings we have among us...those who use us and seek to keep us stupid just so they can continue to lead us by our noses.

: : Bring people up to your level you are an Assyrian icon and puplic figuere try to be a good roll model .

: +++++I am NONE of those things. You seek to trick me and fool me with what you suppose must be the ego I share with the rest of these turkeys. I work I would like the rest of us to I think Jeff and Stella and Doc and Sankho and others can do. We would kill anyone foolish enough to "lead" us. I don't believe in human sacrifice.

: : you ,nimrod,jackie and goulani its all about money and money then what ? soon or later we are all six feet under and forgoten .

: +++If you think I am about money, then you are a fool.

: : Where is mother treasa or Genkis khan ?
: : where will Bill Gate or the guy in jail for bad credit end up ? both six feet under with no exceptions!
: : take it easy and leave it to time , take your time and stay away from it for a while. you will see for yourself how things will turn to your faver.

: +++I'm not interesting in things turning to my favor. You don't understand that this is as much of the battle as the monuments are. It does me no good to work for 13 years to be stopped in the end by a Jackster or a Nimrod...none at all. It's like knowing the road ends in a cliff but driving down it at full speed anyway. Obviously I CAN'T just work and forget about it...neither could Rabel Schmoel just paint a painting and trust to the sense of decency and the intelligence of our leaders...neither could those young men and women labor to create a library without having it stolen by these vultures of Assyria.

: This battle has many fronts. YOU stay at home and drink tea.

-- Julia
-- signature .

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