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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 8:04PM :

In Reply to: Re: WELL??? posted by Julia from ( on Wednesday, April 24, 2002 at 4:29PM :

: Yeah man, no one denies that Nimrod and crew have done some bad things to you and the community. No one denies that. But you know what speaks louder than your references to genitalia? the fact that you have links to each person's emails, hardcopies of legal papers online, that's the stuff that carries your point more than your nasty words to people you loathe.

+++I don't loathe them...I am not a Turk...I am not a Muslim. What challenges you so much in the written word? If I loathed them do you think I would be shy about addmitting it??? Do I strike you as some sort of shrinking violet??? I like Jackie, I like Nimrod even, and Atour is cute, the little guy. This is BUSINESS!!! Ridiculing these bums is part of the hurting and using us is part of don't get it at all.

We KNOW that people wronged you, again, we KNOW it. But it still does not get nowhere

+++Double are exhausting your limited mental powers.

when you have to lambast or ridicule people and call that some kind of fight for a greater principle of good.

+++Nothing so noble...I insult them in order to insult them...where's the mystery? These people exist on the surface...I toss their shit all over that surface.

Making fun of people reflects very little on you being wronged; it only makes you look bad.

+++Your heartfelt solicitude is touching.

You take away attention from the problem by bringing attention to you and your language. it's like, hey don't think about John Nimrod and what he has and hasn't done in the community, look at what a cocksucker he is,

+++YES...I knew you'd get it eventually. See, most people caught on by now...we are patient.

look at what a (insert pun) (insert misspellings) (insert defamatory language) and then you just lure people into these dumb ass tirades that takes people FURTHER AND FURTHER away from the LOCUS of the issue.

+++The Locus is that they are ASSHOLES!

then you end up needing translators to sift through your junk just to get to the heart of the issue.

+++No, no are mistaking your inabillity to comprehend English with a "problem" for the rest of us. You are "getting it" after just took a while.

I just wish you considered the issue so importnat that you would sacrifice your derogatory words so that if your words did anything, it brought issue to light and not made fun of someone's genitalia or lack thereof.

+++++As I never tire of saying...I say and do what I want...George Washington said I could. This tired argument was invented by all the people who ever wanted to poke an eye out and hollered like hell about not "stooping" to their example when you fought back...IF you people were ever to fight back. I am a triple threat...I can sculpt...I can write..and I can speak. I am one bad motherfucker on top of that because if you play dirty with me...don't look for any Marquis of Queensbury from me...just to maintain my "character" in YOUR eyes of all people.

+++I am interested in clearing the decks of these people which consists only in part in exposing the "facts" and "dates" of what they do...I can't rely on their decency or sense of shame to absent themselves...they'll just spray more perfume on, buy another car or suit and come at us for more. Since they are moral cretins it is necessary to get them where they their false pride. Forget isn't for the likes of you.

I am sorry to have to offend us all with this stuff, I am sorry THEY have been so offensive...and believe me I know how offensive they have been to me, and would be to any of you in a minute... and we will move it like I said...that way you wont have to read it and get deliciously self-righteous and disgusted all over.

-- pancho
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