Dear Fred, why this suicide ?

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Posted by andreas from ( on Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 6:59PM :

In Reply to: Is Jackie Bejan A "Pubic Figure"??? posted by pancho from ( on Sunday, January 19, 2003 at 6:18PM :

: People who are in the pubic eye have a harder task of proving defecation of character. You can't expose yourself pubicly and not expect to get attention...for good or ill.

: If you're going to pubic with some aspect of yourself...say your record on doing marvellous can't demand immunity from having your pubic self exposed...of allowing people to slam you pubicly. Once you're exposed pubicly, everyone gets a fair shot at you...the good the bad and the ugly.

: Jackie hosted a TeeVee show...Jackie mounts things pubicly...every opportunity she finds she goes pubic. You can't turn around in the Assyrian community in the bay Area without running into her in in her pubic personna. Why she's even known pubicly across America and among the foreign pubic.

: So...she can hardly claim to be private person whose intimate life was splayed all over the internet...she has splayed herself pubicly herself...openning herself up to the kinds of scrutiny and examination that any probing person would sniff out. She can't now claim that she's been pubicly placing herself out there in front of the general pubic body she's attracted attention to herself and her pubic deeds. Jackie NEEDS pubic approval and massaging.

: She can't claim that only the good things she's done are elligible for commentary, which amounts to restricting whatever can be said of her to praise, fullsome praise and ONLY praise...that anything negative we discover or think of her in the process cannot be made pubic...when that 's clearly all she's about and most of what she's trying to do.

: Once you expose your pubic self, it's too late to claim you can control people's reaction.

: I now have my turn to go pubic...and we'll see which of us has the most forgiving,
: the most magnanimous and the biggest pubic.

+++ Dear Fred, why this suicide ?

+++ Why this self-defecation?
Assyrian style?

+++ If you wasn't clever enough to decode Jacky's signals and to keep a healthy distance... Shame on you !

+++ I had to read only 1 line from her to get my antennas and defenses up.

+++ But you kept on proceeding:
Only 'cause your MOTHER told you to re-engage with Assyrians?

+++ All the love of your wife could have protected & saved you.

+++ Sorry for these personal remarks.

+++ But, I only want to protect you from any other self-inflicted harm.

-- andreas
-- signature .

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