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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 20, 2003 at 1:56AM :

....and Wm the Dim actually responded...calls are flying to Firaz, who used to be "Ross" but changed back, and Peter to get me off of there so they can go back to being brave and intelligent Assrins.


: Thank You Puncho you are so predictable!

+++You're a constant surprise.

: Tens of Thousands of people including you are
: demonstrating against the war in Iraq but
: when Assryians are being massacred

+++Assyrians ARE being massacred right think disease skips over Assyrian children? the whole world knows the United States is behind this murder except for you and Bush...who blame it on Saddam. What has this been but a genocide. Who is're the ones who want even more killing.

, they are
: driven out of their home land, when their
: properties are being plundered no one gives
: a damn including you who cynically call
: yourself Assryian and take pride in the
: statues of the ancient Assryian kings which
: you sculp.

++++You don't work for twenty years on as many Assyrian sculptures as I did and "think" you are Assyrian...if you do it at all, you damn well KNOW you are Assyrian.

+++We figured it out. It';s been a mystery for sometime now, but we figured it out. You guys are Christians...not Assyrians. You don't want to be labelled Christian you call all Muslims you dreamed up this Assyrian business.

+++You do nothing say nothing do everything Christian...which I'm not. Thank God there are Assyrians all over Iraq...Muslim ones, indigenous Assyrians who turned to Islam as you people did to Christianity. It's been your fantasy all these years that "Assyrians" were robbed and driven out...the Christian ones were, it's true...and that is indeed unfortunate. But the Muslim Assyrians are in the majority and they own Iraq...and there isn't a damn thing Christians are going to do about it except call down air strikes against the Assyrians of Iraq.

In addition you condon the
: killing and plunder of the Assyrians as a
: pay-offfor for some one elsses sins. With
: you as an Assyrian who needs enemies?

++++For two years you've been saying the same thing...I told you over and over...all killing is a crime and a shame...if you believed that you wouldn't be calling for revenge today, which is what you Christians want...not justice.

+++We have no enemies in one stopped the Shumirum but Christian Assyrians...Nimrod and Bejan chief among them. It's no big thing to you because you are uncultured and nearly illiterate, and envious to boot because a NON-Christian Assyrian did these things because my loyalties aren;;t lord came from Nineveh, in Betnahrain... NOT Nazareth in Jerusalem.

+++And I'll prove it...we don't ban and delete at our forum...the only way you guys maintain your "truths" is by shutting out all dissent. Assyrians were NEVER such cowards...weren't afraid of swords and spears and blood and guts...let alone the written WORD! Whatever you can't handle you merely guys are about as equipped to live in the world AS Assyrians as any make fine Christians though.

+++No one in the modern era is entitled to any country that ceased to exist 2000 years one. It's unfortunate, but that's the way it is. I lost family too...and I don't want anyone else losing Assyrian, Muslim or Christian.

+++You guys cry and you beg and moan and plead for someone else to go do your killing for will never will not get a Christian enclave in the MidEast...which is all you want.

+++In this free country, after over 100 years you have not been able to build a single school...a single cultural center, yet you go lecturing Saddam and wanting him to do it for you, to allow you to do the middle of a war brought to the Assyrians of Iraq by your Christian compatriots.

+++Is it any wonder you are where you are.

+++That's right baby...I know I'm Assyrian...the knowledge gave me the strength and determination to do something that hasn't been done here since we first arrived...something that hasn't been done in over 2500 years...and that is to build a public Assyrian monument like we USED to build.

+++If you think that's bragging, but claiming to be the pet of the god of the universe is a sign of humility...go ahead.

+++That was OUR achievement...supported by Assyrians to the tune of over $350,000 for two monuments. Take your convictions, and your writings and your debates and demands and see if you get any Assyrians anywhere to give you ten bucks to implement them.

+++Instead you advertise for Christians to take money from Uncle Sam to sell out their own Holy Lands of BetNahrain while they defend and support Israel.

+++YOU are Assyrians? Don't make me lol.

-- pancho
-- signature .

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