But what is "Assyrian", you clown ?

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Posted by andreas from dtm2-t8-2.mcbone.net ( on Monday, January 20, 2003 at 4:02AM :

In Reply to: Snuck Into aina... posted by pancho from pool0403.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, January 20, 2003 at 1:56AM :

But what is "Assyrian", you clown ?

A reminder:

And still there is that Assyrian Vacuum

.. which you can't neither CUT OUT with scissors nor FILL with incompetent attacks against Christianity as a religion:

You can't build or only preserve a true identity merely by persuading yourself into unfounded, wrong but otherwise self-serving, self-cajoling judgments and by heaping them on any hallucinated enemy: that's fake, shallow and only a meek negative act of wilful & desperate destruction as opposed to positive, creative and substantial construction.

Your amocking behaviour is more indicative of a deep inner emptiness you want to compensate than indicative of a mature culture or person, at least.

... while some of your attacks against Christianity as hordes of nominal believers and especially against the power-greedy church institutions betraying their Christian mission are fully legitimate.

But in order to fill the yawning Assyrian vacuum you should finally start to produce some cultural substance which is definitely not achieved with grand rhetorical evocations of any pretended "Assyrian Heritage".

Show the world, what this "Assyrian Heritage" consists of - if existant, at all -or at least show what you want to create in its name.

Fabricating winged bulls won't cut here, even if your pour some of Narsai's famous chocolate sauce over them.

Maybe, in one of your brighter moments any guardian angel must have inspired you to create a Pegasus-like (Greek concept representing their philosophical high flyings, thus per definitionem not Assyrian) lamasu which most understandably whishes to wing up into the skies to escape the desasters and embarassments served him by today's crooks and usurpers of the Assyrian name.

But even to achieve this artistic idea you had to leave the realm of Assyrianity and lend from Greeks, one of the following up cultures representing a next evolutionary step of mankind.

Thus also this inspired artistic lamasu experiment is self-defeating if it wants to show off and parade as "Assyrian" only.

The only way to keep true to "Assyrianity" in its strict sense, would be to dive into monumental cultural and psychic REGRESSIONS - which in fact is done in all Assyrian circles of today, anway, thanks to the flurry of Assyrianisms.

The other option would be to say good-bye to nostalgia and to try NOT to fall out out of the stream of human development.

Those "Asyrians" who adopted Christianity understood that at their time, irrespective of their parochial shortcomings.

If you dont agree with them, then offer a different solution - REGRESSION won't be any.

-- andreas
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