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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 27, 2003 at 12:50PM :

In Reply to: Finally, better than the Jews..... posted by Tiglath from ( on Sunday, January 26, 2003 at 9:52PM :

Well put...well thought out. We have to free ourselves of this religious lens we see everything through. It doesnīt mean we have to throw Jesus or Buddha out the window. A religious outlook is fine FOR a religion...but is disasterous for anything else.

These patrots and what nots chase their tails around in circles wondering why there isnīt untiy and the rest of it when the way the thing is set up to begin with...there CANīT be definition and plain fact.

If these people "remembered" Simele they never would have placed their hopes, AGAIN, in a foreign entity that understands us not at all...just because the foreigner is Christian. Like it or not...we are a part of the MidEast. We can bring the MidEast to the West, we can adapt it and help it flourish, and we can even take the West back home with us...but we canīt deny our essential "otherness"...and indeed we shouldnīt...for we become what we are now, neither one thing, nor the other.

I think of Beirut in the 50īs and 60īs as an example of the blending of East and West. It was such a delightful something from a story. When we jump too quickly into the arms of the West just because it too is Christian, weīre forced to leave all the rest of our history and experience behind...we become strangers to ourselves, to our children and to our ancestors...whom we are evn now blasting out of their graves. We are killing ourselves much faster than anything else can, in every way.

Tiglath and the rest of you here...with people like you to go through this with, it is an honor to be banned by Aprim, Firas, Peter and the rest.

Letīs begin by throwing everything open for re-examination...letīs re-define and make that shift Tiglath mentioned...we might still come back to where we started from in some degree...but at least we will have has to start with that. Without it...we can see where this is headed.

-- pancho
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