Finally, better than the Jews.....

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Posted by Tiglath from ( on Sunday, January 26, 2003 at 9:52PM :

Fred, remember when I first interviewed you in Nakosha and you made the following statement?
" Empire building is out of date.
We have another challenge, the same one facing the Jews only they were forced to "regress" go back to borders and warfare and more killing. We Assyrians have a chance to show what really makes for "identity"... to explain to ourselves and others how we kept an identity all those years without a country or borders or armies or parliaments. We can grow into the many countries we occupy and take the best from all of them, combining them into a world-view in which it will not be necessary to kill another that we may destroy another civilization that ours my endure. It has been given to us, once again, to find a new way to be proud, to be alive and vital without destroying anyone else. We met the
challenge of Empire brilliantly. I think we can do it again in a new age and in a new way. Our story is far from over...this is a part of it, perhaps the greater part."
Page 7, Nakosha Magazine, July, 2001

I am finally able to crystallise my thoughts on this matter.

It's very simple and requires some lateral thinking and a paradigm shift.

The key to it all lies in our opinion of Assyria Muslims. Do they exist?

If you answer NO to this question then you have a religously-based identity and are simply a Christian.

Those who answer YES to this question must then follow this statement to its logical conclusion.

Because if Assyrian Muslims exist then ethnically the people of Iraq are ALSO the descendants of the ancient Assyrians, just like us.
Following on from this it becomes self-evident that our priority becomes not the establishment of a homeland, but the re-Assyrianisation of our religiously-estranged brethren in the Middle East.

a. If Assyrian-Muslims DON'T exist then our aim becomes the establishment of a homeland.

b. If Assyrian-Muslims exist then our aim becomes the re-Assyrianisation of our people in the Middle East

Option b. has it all for the taking, Human Rights, Homeland, Peace and security.

We can finally be better than the Jews. We can finally set the benchmark for them to follow.

It's all there for the taking....but who will be brave enough to put their religously-based past behind them and take it?

-- Tiglath
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