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Posted by pancho from ( on Monday, January 27, 2003 at 7:45PM :

In Reply to: Finally, better than the Jews..... posted by Tiglath from ( on Sunday, January 26, 2003 at 9:52PM :

...Iīm not clear about what you mean by "re-Assyrianization" of the people in the MidEast. It seems that once again weīre assuming that our take on what being Assyrian means has precedence or greater legitimacy or anyone elseīs...probably becauuse other people wont "be" Assyrian the way we think they should be.

What if the Muslims of Iraq ARE Assyrian...and being Assyrian in the total sense of the word means putting the ancient part, the age of empire... before either Christianity or Islam showed proper perspective. To a non-religiously based Assyrian, what exists now in Iraq is a distillation of the total experience of those people...and the differences between the Christian and Muslims nothing more than two possibilities, each with its own marked characteristics...but BOTH validly Assyrian "enough"...though different.

Our own Christians tend to look down on Muslims and I think thatīs again because our patrots tended to occupy the lower strata in the MidEast...that we didnīt associate with the middle and upper Muslim classes. Lord knows there are plenty of cultured and educated Muslims who have it all over many Christians in the MidEast.

Anyway...if weīre serious we have to be prepared to admit that Muslim Assyrians might be the better integrated, the more whole and complete, for they didnīt drop out or cease to participate in History just because Christ lost...that the Christians among us are arrested in development, petulantly refusing to admit to or recognize 1300 years of adventure and development...choosing instead to sulk in the corner plotting revenge and pissing and moaning to any Brit or Gringo to "save us".

Maybe what we think of as "Assyrian" characteristics is just childish behavior?

Well...what DO these people act, think, write, demand, and come across as if not jubilent deliquents? Does Hanna or Peter really have what it takes to carry on a serious conversation with anything BUT a Cherubim? Is Firas or Aprim REALLY any kind of intellectual? Are people who announce that they are "intellectuals" or "academics" REALLY?

Come on boys and girls...letīs at least TRY to act the part.

-- pancho
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