The Three Sisters From Hell

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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 6:28PM :

In Reply to: Re: OK, so now posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 5:47PM :

The issue with Christianity and her two siblings, Judaisim and Islam, is not that they teach bad things. Neither did they originate good things. Parents have been kind to children before, after and without any of these religions. Indeed Judaism promoted human sacrifice and Christianity and Islam certainly sanctioned murder.

We would be doing these things anyway, itīs true. It doesnīt take a sermon to get a parent to love a child or respect a parent. No amount of preaching will get you to kill someone else if you really donīt want to, unless you are willing to believe some god or other demands it. Thatīs the trouble with these religions...not a one of them can make you kinder and gentler...but each of them can make a murderer of you. The command to love one another hardly needs re-inforcing...but the order to kill for godīs sake canīt be denied. And will have to admit, is more devastating in every way than the other.

The problem with them all is this Heaven business...this promise of eternal rewards. Christianity took it to such a ridiculous extreme as to split itself with the Protestant Reformation...I mean this business of Godīs forgiveness no matter what awful and mean things you do. To present this formula for bloodlust unabated as an example of the "kindness" and "forgiveness" of a God who made you this way, is absurd.

The promise of heaven, and oneīs ability to get there no matter what one does on earth...leads to the very worst these religions have to offer...which far surpasses any good they might hold out...goodness we would feel anyway...goodness we would do anyway...heaven or no heaven.

But Paradise and Heaven pave the way to cruelty and crime and mayhem here on one is really held accountable...God certainly isnīt. No one has caused more suffering, called down more death and destruction then that old Fool.

Nothing wrong with the teachings in any of them that promote human goodness...something none of them can bring to life where the seed doesnīt already exist. But they also bring to life the seeds of murder, bigotry, slaughter, devastation, robbery, rape and every evil in us anyway. Thatīs why weīre on the brink of destruction...thatīs why to get to that final Paradise, each of them says the earth must bleed and burn first. Thatīs been exactly their message from the start...that through blood comes salvation...through blood sacrifice comes proof of devotion.

It was never enough for any of them that you simply went your way in peace...hell no, you had to subscribe to their lunacy, and if you could do would be that much more apt one day to be called on to commit murder. Arenīt we?

note: Andreas...comb your hair.

-- pancho
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