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Posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 6:54PM :

In Reply to: The Three Sisters From Hell posted by pancho from ( on Wednesday, February 05, 2003 at 6:28PM :

Hanna has again printed the position of the United Nations on indigenous people with a note about how this applies to the Assyrian people. If you make up your own definitions...and never dare to venture outside the nursery heīs made of can say anything...


Written by Hanna Hajjar on 04 Feb 2003 21:55:56:

United Nations Declaration on the rights of Indigenous People States:

All indigenous nations and peoples have the right to self determination, by virtue of which they have the right to whatever degree of autonomy or self-government they choose.

***The UN is famous for saying things it doesnīt mean and canīt implement. Neither the Basques nor the Native Americans, to name just two really indigenous people, have been able to get anywhere with their claims to any sort of rights to self-determination.

This includes the right to freely determine their political status, freely pursue their own economic, social, religious and cultural development, and determine their membership and/or citizenship, without external interference.

***That is an absurd piece of meaningless fluff intended to soothe the ego of people who feel theyīve been slighted by History and are actually surprised by it.

***I think this is a precursor, in Hannaīs mind, or the closest thing he has to one...for claiming that Christian Assyrians are the indigenous people of Iraq, Turkey, Syria and Jordan...that any Muslims there for the last 1300 years are from Arabia and hence not the rightful rulers of the land. Try to make that argument to anyone NOT in his National Diapers.

(Cortesy of Assyrian Star & Nineveh Magazines).

***"Courtesy" you dumb shmucks...will you go on forever thinking, speaking and writing like half-wits? Everyone makes guys revel in them!

This is the right time for Assyrians to establish their government in exile and officially declare that Assyria is under foreign occupation. And request the UN to enforce its above declation.

***God I wish three assholes like you would do just such a thing. What Assyrians? What Assyria? What are you talking about? The Seminole Indians canīt get Miami Beach back from the Jews and they have a signed treaty with the United States government barely 150 years old...and you want to claim land that stopped being "yours" 1300 years ago??? And from a Saddam...when the Native Americans have had no luck in this land of Liberty and Justice for all? Are you daft? Do you thrive on humiliation? Do you enjoy begging? The more preposterous a claim the more enthralled are you and tickled to make it? Why donīt YOU go on record as demanding such a thing.

***What are you but a pissed as hell Christian who got run out as you and your tribe well deserved?

Hanna Hajjar

***Itīs guys like you that make it tough to feel Assyrian...not really. Itīs your kind...fresh off the boat with a suitcase full of declarations and expectations and wishes that need fullfilling that have scared off so many of us...more shame to us. Weīve succeeded in locking your type up in your ainas and beths and several other forums where you donīt dare allow free discussions cause weīd have you tied in knots in no time, and wouldnīt think of coming out of for fear that youīll get just the scorn you have deserved your whole miserable lives as "Assyrians".

***You arenīt going arenīt getting arenīt owed anything, no Welfare Office at the UN is going to give you a voucher for "Assyria". The best thing of all is that you will prove to be a humiliation to your children who will want to distance themselves from these quaint notions you brought over with yourself.

***Our real job is to recruit sensible Assyrians who want to work for something real...where they LIVE...and not go begging and pleading for something from where they DONīT LIVE.

***If you had it in you at all you wouldnīt have left. Learn to enjoy Disneyland...itīs the closest to "Assyria" youīre ever going to get.

-- pancho
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