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Posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 5:02PM :

In Reply to: Re: Thanks, but .... ! posted by Alexander from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 3:59PM :

+++ Now it's recognizable...

: First of all Andreas, I value human life very much, and feel deeply for all Iraqis, and I meant this with all true sincerity. I have posted this picture and explained it all in the past about a year ago, on all forums like bethsuryoyo, aina, and chaldeansonline, guess what they all said? It was propogando being pushed by iraqi gov't! That's when I got angry because they refuse to see the truth.

+++ As an Assyrian you must feel doubly hurted: a) by the fate of the victims and b) by the callous rejection of the most obvious truth by your own people.
If you still kept standing by your position nevertheless, you seem to be a fine and courageous guy - so far.

: I did not do this as a freak show at all.

+++ Aye.

: If I seem a bit unemotional at all, it is only because of the great am,ount of tragedy that I have already seen or experienced so that it would render one more instance insignificant in light of the others.

+++ You don't appear unemotional, at all.
But, pleasantly you seem to be some grades below the level of common Assyrian excitability/hystery (- so far).

+++ I only wanted to warn of a specific danger and I hoped for the best in your case, i.e. that you'd never commit that misuse of pics (re-read my message).
I am glad not to have been disappointed.

+++ As to the tragedy you have gone through:

Every tear, so deeply felt & flooding one's soul - but consciously kept back unshed, will transform into a pearl :
of wisdom in your soul and of deeper insight into the fate of this world and of your human brothers/sisters - just like a magnifying jewel.

+++ Finally: All Assyrians bearing the name Alexander, I know, are from Iran/Armenia/Russia.

Farsi baladi?



-- andreas
-- signature .

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