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Posted by Alexander from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 8:40PM :

In Reply to: Now it's recognizable... posted by andreas from ( on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at 5:02PM :

Shlama Andreas,

I realize that we cannot readily see who we are on these forums, and thus indentities be misrepresented. As far Farsi is concerned, I know very little... Shalam, Andreas shetori?... simple things like that. I however am not from Iran proper.

If you would do me the favor, and not lose what views you have of me when you read through what I am going to say...for if you really truly believe the things you have been relating, I believe you will also understand that people are not so different from each other, regrdless of race.

Andreas, I have been in the presence of more than 40 or 50 different nationalities consistently throughout my life. I have been heavily immersed in many different cultures, specifically: Iranian, Iraqi, Assyrian, Armenian, Russian, Georgian, Italian, Spaniard, Portugese, Egyptian, Malti, Lebanese, Syrian, and more. I myself am not of any of these nationalities.

I realize you thought I was Assyrian, and I am sorry I mislead anyone who thought so... But I am still the same person who was typoing earlier, and just because I am not Assyrian should not render my beliefs invalid or my views incredible. Understand that we all come from different backgrounds, and that even farther back in time than we can imagine, we possibly came from the same origin.

I am not Assyrian. I am not even from the so-called "Middle East." Well, that depends actually on what one considers the Middle East. For instance, I dont consider Armenia or Turkey the Middle East. Anyway, I have a mixed ancestry needless to say.

About a hundred years ago my family moved from their homes to an island in the Carribean, Cuba. Ten years or so before the revolution, some went to the US. Now, I do not want you to think that we are anti-Castro. We actually are for him, and would have stayed to support him had we been there during the revolution, like the rest of our family who stayed there is doing. Cuba is a great country. Anyway, originally, we are not of Cuban descent, and only about fifty years ago did any of my family first come to the US. Sadly, I am US born, having lived here a little over two decades. I am only in my early twenties. However, most of my childhood was spent with Iranian influence, and a lot of Mesopotamian-Iraqi influence, including Assyrians(mostly Moslem), Indegenous southern Iraqis(I guess they would be considered "Sumerian."), and mostly "Persians," as distinguished by the prominent nose and frizzy-ish hair, and the characteristic blue eyes of generally unmixed Persian women. With all the background influence, unfortunately all I have to show for it is no Arabic, some Assyrian, very little Farsi. In our family, we have had Egyptians(Christians), Iranians, and Armenians(I forgot to mention them too). I am not of any of these races though. If you have any questions regarding anything at all, please do not hesitate to ask. I am sorry I misled you this whole way- I think Fred Parhad knew I wan't Assyrian, but I am not entirely sure, now that I think of it. Anyway, before I bor eyou to death, a little on politics:

Iranian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Assyrian, Qordish, Armenian, Azeri, Georgian, Lebanese, Syrian, Jordanian, etc. politics has deeply involved me and some aspect of my family or another in each or several of these national politics. I may not be Assyrian, but without trying to brag to you, in all honesty, I have more knowledge and experience with Mesopotamians and some other races, than a good number of Assyrians themselves.

One more thing(I know you probably are tired of reading this by now), but I want to comment about my specific lineage, which is not so easily characterised by what nation was most recently inhabited by my family....
If we were to trace my lineage, a small part of it would reach back to Turkey, the northern-central region. That is about as far east as our family goes. I hope that gives a bit more insight as to who I am, and please ask if you have any questions.

And again, sorry for having unintentionally misguided you. Sorry.

Push be Shena

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