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Posted by Jeff from d53-251-230.try.wideopenwest.com ( on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 6:26PM :

In Reply to: Re: the Confederate flag posted by Alexander from ( on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 4:30PM :

Go to Meijer (I know that we don't like to support big corporations, but I don't know where else to get this...) and go into the car section. Near the wiring, perhaps by the windsheid wipers or the car stereo equipment, ... somewhere in the car section you will see car horns. There is one called an "AWOOOGA Horn". Buy it. It's around $30...maybe $35. I put one in my car, and when those bastards in their SUVs start to swerve into my lane to cut me off (as they always do, WITHOUT a turn signal and without checking their blind spot) I blow the AWOOGA horn and it scares the LIVING SHIT out of them. If I were to spell the noise it makes, it would go something like this:


It's a really loud horn (VERY high pitch) and most people have never heard it before. When I blow this horn, I see brake lights on all around me - everyone slows down - because they think someone has slammed on their brakes and their tires are screeching. They quickly get back into their lane, and I drive by, smiling.

Sometimes I give them the finger, too. That helps relieve my stress a bit.


Heed my advice. I have taken the time to bestow it upon you. Go forth and scare thy shit out of thine yuppies!

: Sadie, you must be living in Florida or something, because I feel the same way. Even though the rednecks are not exactly the brightest light bulbs in the batch, and may be racist, they at least are not as sniveling and sneaky and arrogant as the yuppies who go around with their flags waving. I'm here in Central Florida and am accustomed to seeing these confederate flags, it stands for their own pride I guess, and it's their identity. But the flag wavers of the american flag don't stand for anything. The truth is they don't even know what they're waving, except that it's supposedly something to do with some so-called "freedom" which has been "attacked." Do you know how many times these SUV drivers with their flags have cut me off in my white Mazda pick-up truck on the road? They tend to be the most aggressive drivers. Well, it's nice to hear voices from the same view point as mine. Have a good one.

-- Jeff
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