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Posted by Gandhi from ( on Tuesday, February 25, 2003 at 6:46PM :

In Reply to: Them Jews posted by pancho from ( on Monday, February 24, 2003 at 7:39PM :

: I have great respect for Jews...for all the manifest things they share in common with all of humanity. I especially admire the way they set themselves apart from even their own kind and stress their uniqueness...this has forced them to live up to their billing...and they have, magnificently...

: They are also as capable of going as far in the other direction...and they have...magnificently and awfully and terribly. For that I give Christians much of the blame for the inhumane ways theyīve treated these people for over 1000 years.

: What I refuse to accept, though I appreciate the compliment, is that Judaism and its daughter Christianity have anything...anything to compare with what the ancient Assyrians produced...that itīs been downhill for us since the day we turned away from our own ways and bought into this incredible farce.

: Assyrians not only have nothing to be ashamed of, they have everything in the world to be proud of. But believing in any one of the three sisters from hell presumposes distancing ourselves from what these three barbarous religions dare call, our "Pagan" it was a dirty word...when "Christian" from the mouths of the greatest proponants of that religion today, I donīt care how "wrong" they manage to get their own a blasphemy if ever there was one.

: Not only did they steal what they have of value from us...they have the nerve to slander us names far more applicable to them. It isnīt that Assyrians are any better than anyone else...or worse...itīs just that to remain silent in the face of this drubbing weīve been handed is too much to bear any longer...when I see these three religions of god killing innocent children all over MY Holy Land.

: Either Fuck Off completely or get your act together and stop hiding your incredible and dastardly crimes behind your "god"...and if there are any among the three of you who are the "good" and the "true" kind...then letīs hear from you in other ways besides chest beating and jerking off your souls.

: Thatīs you Mar Dinkha!

You know I have the same feeling about Assyrian way of Christianity and all those clergies (volves inside the sheeps skins)and I am quiet aware how the Jews took our God Ashur made him or her look as a pagan idol then they convert him or her to Alouhim or YAHWAH then created Mosses , Jesus , Mohamad ,Lenin and....for their survivel but please be specific what Mar Denkha has to do with it not that I care, but curious....he does not have even a high school diploma!

-- Gandhi
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