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Posted by Ashuriena from ( on Saturday, April 26, 2003 at 8:10PM :

In Reply to: Re: [cnn] Fred Parhad reportedly seen in church! posted by Fox News from ( on Saturday, April 26, 2003 at 4:46PM :

Mr. Parhad is a superb artist. I enjoy all of his sculptures, (which I checked out in the Convention about 2 years back). All his sculptures of the mighty Assyrian kings and queens are wonderful! Good Job Mr. Parhad! He also has interesting political cartoons.

Yours in Assyrianism,


: : : [San Jose, California]

: : : Preliminary reports are surfacing among the Assyrian community in California regarding a controversial sculpture, Mr. Fred Parhad. Parhad, who is quite popular (by its definition of being well known, not necessarily well liked) in the community is known for his anti-religious invective and may have spotted recently in an AssyrianChristianChurch.

: : : Parhad, like the dethroned dictator Saddam Hussein, has many look alikes in order to protect himself from would-be assailants. The Associated Press has recorded eye witness accounts, however, that the person in the church may have actually been Fred Parhad, and not one of the look alikes.

: : : "It look like him. I swear Brayshid-Baba I see Fred Parhad in Chur-ich" a stunned Ashur Kassab, 43 was quoted as saying. Another parishoner, Nineveh Hanna, 24, said "Farhad was scream 'I'm sorry Alaha... forgiving me please' ... I think he turning Christ-ieen...thankGod. Okeh I nothing more to say."

: : : As this is a breaking story, we will follow up with more information as we receive it.

: : : (c) CNN, 2003
: : : Keepa Jizzm Bet Boohoo and Ali Jilla-Jillad contributed to this report.

: Actually, he (or the look-alike) was seen in the church hall; and, although the two buildings are physically connected, it is not accurate to say that he was in the church.
: However, more interesting is whom he was sitting next to! Since this can not be confirmed at this time, the identity of the person allegedly seen next to Parhad can not be revealed.

-- Ashuriena
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