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Posted by farid from ( on Monday, July 07, 2003 at 2:02PM :

In Reply to: Re: Humanity is the opposite of Injustice posted by Nineve from ( on Monday, July 07, 2003 at 0:15AM :

: I don't agree with your logic as you and others are defending arabs now.

***Why do assume we are defending Arabs "now"? What difference does it make what ethnic origin a human bean is...or do you believe there are "Racial Characteristics (and whatīs a "Race" these days...what logic is there in race or ethnicity when weīre all screwing each other?)"? As in "Arabs" do cruel things because they are Arabs? You want to watch that...when a stereotype seems benign...thatīs when itīs most dangerous...because itīseems so "right" and easy to believe. Why does the injustice suffered by an Arab somehow matter less because Assyrians suffered injustice at the hands of Arabs? Itīs PEOPLE who do these things. I, for one, donīt much give a damn if a person is Arab, Assyrian or English. It just so happens that right now it is the Arabs who are disproportionately getting their faces rubbed out...and it happens to be coming during the computer information age when we common folks can communicate our feelings about events immediately.

***No one is forgiving any cruelty or glossing over any merit. In your defense of Assyrians you still wind up somehow reducing an Arabīs legitimate suffering...thatīs a callous attitude and no different from the one that inflicted misery on Assyrians...or anyone.

***The argument that since "we" didnīt speak up for Assyrians (though you fail to be specific) so now and forever more we should hold our tongue whenever a moral outrage occurs is preposterous and doesnīt allow for people to grow and change.

*** Governor George Wallace of Alabama was a shameless un-reconstructed segregationist but before his death...when it could benefit him in no way, he addmitted he had been in error. Does it follow that because he never spoke out "till then" he cannot therefore change and grow and be repentant?

***mend your ways...there is time.

You must have done it before when your own people were faced with worse conditions than this hasan character.But then all these so-called
: peace and humanitarian orgs were quiet and sleeping on silk.Then it was ok to close both eyes what is different today ?

***What in Godīs name are you talking about? Economy of speech is fine, but you are being most parsimonious. Who was turning a blind eye who is also now wide awake and complaining?

: How come you people can see the plight of others but when it was time to see the plight of the Assyrians they were all blind ???

***What are you TALKING about? Who here isnīt seeing the plight of the Assyrians? Does it stand to reason that because we are critical of the people who lead us into blind alleys over and again, that weīre indifferent to the suffering of Assyrians?

***Youīre still back there where every Assyrian must be a Christian. You confuse religious hatreds and jealousies and the unimaginable cruelty that leads to into a hatred people have had for Assyrians AS Assyrians...and that just isnīt true. Assyrians were NEVER mistreated for being ASSYRIANS! Why in the name of all thatīs holy would anyone hate them for that? It was for their religion...and more than that, for their disloyalty to their neighbors and fellow countrymen that they were disliked and hated and routed and any number of people within ONE country have done to their neighbors and even family members of a differentr faith,,,even a slightly variant form of Christianity.

***People HATE people of other least the people who follow the three sisters from hell do.

***that was donīt write and you donīt write...then you come up with this...I have to go lie down.

: There's no need for a list of names because their blood will be on the hands of the world's community and all those so-called humanitarian organizations that don't know what human means let alone to defend humanity cause it seems they have a selective process to do so ... You tell me about logic...LOL

***You know,,,for a purely emotional make a big deal out of logic. Itīs that way with most men...stunted and immature in their emotions...they develop a cold hard thing in place of it that they call "mind" and "logic"...when itīs just purely, blubbering feelings and messy emotions all the way. Actually...a woman has a much better claim to being logical, unless sheīs been completely ravaged...because she never feels alien to her feelings and therefore uses them and exercises them and becomes familiar with them..and so they GROW UP. That leaves her mind to function as a mind and not a hodge podge of immature and unresolved, because unused, emotions which then have to be suppressed so that a man comes up with the ridiculous things he does as being rational and logical. Look at the war against Iraq...if THAT wasnīt a maleīs logiceqeek at work!!!

***In Australia you guys stand upside wonder.

-- farid
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