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Posted by farid from ( on Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 5:43PM :

In Reply to: Re: Artist hopes Baghdad will regain its glory posted by Nineve from ( on Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 12:31PM :

***I know this wasnīt directed at me, but so what...

: Tiglath,
: Can you honestly say that we were not forced into what you called "christian amber"...

: We have been denied the expression of our identity

***Who denied the expression of our "identity" in Chicago? Who fucked it up in San Jose? Who ruined it in Detroit? Was it a Muslim? Tell me...what expression of this precious identity of yours is MORE lasting and inspirational than an Assyrian...not Christian... public monument that will survive for ages? And donīt say, "another church".

and whom we are for the longest time in all arab countries in one way or another and the only country which was the safe haven for christians to express themselves was and is to some extent today Lebanon and that too regional and international stupidity.

****Youīre again making Assyrian synonymous with Christian...thatīs the mistake and thatīs what weīve suffered from and thereīs a good reason for it. No one discriminates against Assyrians...NO ONE..that could be because no one believes there are any...or more likely that that there is no reason on earth to do so. Christians werenīt even discriminated against in the Mideast(you want to talk about abuse look at what Christians did to Jews and Muslims in the MidEast whenever they had the chance..look what Israel does today...when has a Muslim country maintained this long a seige against women and children and young people? When?) until the Chistian West seized on this made to order wedge issue...a method of playing up to the most foolish and also the least educated and lowest forms of Christian playing on their hurt feelings that Christ got bumped in favor of Muhammad...promising them pie in the sky if they would just betray their neighbors a teeny weeny bit.

***You can see how people learn to distrust and hate suspected turncoats by seeing how Muslims or any dark people who have beards are being treated because of 9/11...frightened people behave badly and turn on anyone they suspect of complicity with the "enemy". THAT is what Christians have suffered also keep hopping back and forth between professing your Christianity...then when someone gives you a well deserved kick in the arse for it you yell..."They HATE Assyrians!!!"

***Do one goddammned Assyrian thing anywhere in the MidEast and see if anyone ruffles the hairs on your head...just so long as you donīt claim their homes because,,,as an "Assyrian" were there first.

***But you know what? There ARE no Assyrian "things" TO DO! No one has done them in the MidEast and no one does them when they get out...itīs only Christian things they do...and just because itīs their fantasy that they are one and the same fools NO ONE ELSE!

: If the arabs of the mid-east didn't treat the chrisitians amongst them as un wanted guests when they are the owners of the land and the rest are the guests,

***You are NOT the owners of the land...this is the absurd claim that so rankles sane people. In the first place lands and nations belong to whomever takes them AND manages to hold them, as the ancient Assyrians did to gain that vaunted empire you so brag of at other times...go cry about it all you want to. Christianity was NOT indigenous to Bet Nahrain...Ashur was. That Jewish knock-off was imported and the people who brought it eventually supplanted the worshippers of Ashur...who were in turn supplanted by another import from that same Jewish source...Islam, the third nutzo sister.

we as christians would have been in a better position but it was always the dream of those arabs to turn any thing that is christian to muslim and that's what prompted christians to hold back even though they are the builders of the golden age of the so called arab civilization which owes a great deal to our people...

***Arab civilization is no more "so-called" than any other...all civilizations steal and borrow and adapt...all of them and thank god it works that way. Muslims have historically been more tolerant than Jews or Christians...there are so many instnces of that but then youīd have to read more than your bible...and call THAT "Assyrian history".

: Can you show me how the arabs of yester years and of today are recognizing this contribution other than calling us arab christians and further oppressing our existence... Then you come and say christian amber ...

**They call you Arab Christians because thatīs what YOU ARE! YOU are the ones who call every Muslim from Jakarta to Ulan Bator to Manilla to Cairo to Baghdad to New York an "Arab"...and why? Because their prophet came from Arabia...when by that same peculiar logicequeek...every Christian anywhere in the world is an ISRAELI because their messiah came from Israel. You are the ones who bring up the Arab thing all time and misunderstand the reasons for Pan-Arabism as a logical reaction to the Westīs invading those lands for the last 500 years. If Iraq is an "Arab " country and you are a Christian born there...what does that make you? You just canīt stand being tarred by your own brush so you beat this Assyrian horse to death when not a one of you does a fucking Assyrian thing....except piss and moan...our national characteristic par excellence.

***And no...I am not Muslim, Christian, OR Jew...I am not a Baathey or a traitor to anyone...Iīm just sick and tired of the stupidest among us staking the territory for their own because they so exasperate the rest of us that we willingly and most cowardly leave the field to them.

***Get off your goddamn Christian knees and and help an Assyrian cause for a change.

-- farid
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