Iraq is 'beginning of the end'

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Posted by Esarhaddon from ( on Sunday, August 03, 2003 at 11:18PM :

Iraq is 'beginning of the end' for US hegemony: French philosopher

Berlin, Aug 1, IRNA -- America's problems in occupied Iraq might spell
the end of its global military super power status, renowned French
philosopher Emmanuel Todd said Friday in an interview with the daily
"From a military standpoint, the US have the same problems in Iraq
as the Russians had in Afghanistan, or Napoleon had in Egypt. In
reality, Iraq is for the US what Afghanistan was for the Soviet
Union: the beginning of the end," Todd pointed out.

"When in 1976, I predicted the downfall of the Soviet Union, nobody
wanted to believe me. Today, the Americans are showing the same
symptoms as the Russians did: their policy is blinded towards the
realities and the economy is blinded ideologically," he said.

According to Todd, whose recent book "World Power USA: An Obituary"
made the German top 10 Bestseller list, Washington's snubbing of
strategically important allies like Germany and France was a mistake.

Both European countries had vehemently opposed the American
invasion of Iraq.

-- Esarhaddon
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