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Posted by Tony Zango from ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 9:59PM :

In Reply to: All This Back And Forth... posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, September 11, 2002 at 7:25PM :

Can't stop!

Our forefathers didn't foresee the Misery and Devastation that is devouring our communites. Little by little we are dying out.

Recently I had few of my relatives visiting from the Russia; these are second and third generations in Russia. You wouldn't believe, They hardly could speak/understand/or have any idea about our heritage and our struggle.

Education! Education! Education!

I take Ross event as a learning event and I think next time we're going to be more organized. By the way, I have couple pictures from that evening at the Valley College. I will e-mail them to you as soon as I learn how to operate my scanning machine.

Anyway, I think with Peace/Education/Sweat we may SEE the first floor.
: ...changes very makes not a dent on our status in the world...while we yammer and dawdle and impress or rail at each other the world runs away from us.

: I did want to see what kind of stuffins we's a poor sample in that it hardly spreads a wide net...but it did give us a chance to see what we're like....a few at a time.

: Thank god we don't go on and on about who is a which...we're spared that mind fuck...and we don't seem to bother with Mar One and Mar Two...there is just enough reverence for religion here...from me especially. We don't make National Question Demands...we aren't the sort of place where the AUA wants to brag, or any of the other alphabet soup organizations want to issue fatwahs and berate each other. And we aren't a KKK bunch who want to burn Muslims. We also know Simele is over...and that we don't want any more...even if we could "gain" by it.

: We even have a pet Nazi who widdles on the floor and humps our collective leg once in a while...just to show how inclusive we can be..."Down Dog!"

: In the last two years we mounted one campaign that worked, sort of...the petition about Ross...and we lost out on some others. It is going to take us years just to clear the rubble...before we can even begin to think about a foundation to build upon...and we'll never in our lifetime probably even see the first floor.

: It's our portion to do the dull, grunt work. The awards banquets and press conferences are not for one will even remember what we try to will seem like it was no big deal...nothing to get excited about. But then the ones of the future wont have to look out over this dreary landscape and see what we have seen.

-- Tony Zango
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